Use Of Solar Power: Accessories And Power Needed For Your House

Every house has fans, lights, computers, washing machines, hair dryers, and other devices that work on electrical power. Without electricity, all the work in the house comes to a standstill. In many instances, we see how power outages disrupt the work in the houses. This is why many of the houses opt for the standby power in the form of a UPS unit and inverter. The advanced option is to choose a solar power grid for the UPS unit so you save money and get power with ease. Sites like Movablemark will help you in regards technology.

Choose the Best Supplier

You can group the solar accessories into those that meet the need of a house and those that you need for a commercial establishment. You can get the solar accessories in India from any online store. You must choose the best brand so that you get the best value for your money. Type Best Brand of UPS in India and you will get the best one possible.

Solar cells are helpful because they produce electricity from the sun’s rays. The chemicals in the solar photovoltaic cells capture the rays of the sun and produce energy by undergoing a chemical change. This carries on throughout the day and so it produces energy until the sun sets. If the skies are cloudy, the rate of production of the electricity is lesser.

Find Your Battery Needs

The UPS system stores the electrical energy produced in the batteries. You have to choose these batteries according to the needs of the house or shop. Batteries have a rating of 12 Volts and 35 amps giving us 420 Watts of power. If you need 800 Watts of power, you will need two batteries. The first step to installing solar power is to find out how much of power you need.

Suppose that you have power outages for 4 hours every day. You want to operate 1 fan, 3 light bulbs, 1 computer, and 1 printer. On an average let us say, the entire thing operates for 4 hours. Calculate the power needed by adding the power rating of each of these devices. The light bulbs take between 13W and 60W of power. Fans need 120W while a computer will need between 200W and 500W depending on the size. The printer takes 100W. In all, you need 459W to 900W of power. You need this for 4 hours so the total power need is 3.6kWh.

Get the Solar Panels

If you buy 15 solar panels of 250-watt rating you get 3.75kW of power. Of course, the solar panel will not produce the peak power all the time so you must take this into account when installing the panels for your solar power grid. To get the best solar accessories online search online for the Best UPS brand in India or Award Winning UPS supplier in India and you will get the best solar accessories delivered to your house.

You can ask your solar accessories supplier for the estimate of what you will need for your house or shop. They will check the electrical appliances you use and give you the estimate. You can install this many solar panels and batteries and you have the standby power you need.

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