Helping The Wounded Heroes- Meredith Iler

The military of any country is a part that is utterly neglected by the common man, not many people are really thankful to these selfless individuals, who work day in day out just to ensure the safety for the people of their nation.  Just ask yourself, how many times do you actually remember the soldiers of your country? There are days dedicated to birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, and what not, but hardly anyone remembers those individuals whose presence at the borders has made it possible for you to celebrate these days. Fortunately, there are some individuals like Meredith Iler who believe that there is a need to be concerned for these military people who go out of their way to make sure that you have a happy and safe life at your homes.

Hailing from Houston, Meredith has been recognized as one of the fifty most influential women and also awarded several prestigious awards for her contribution to the society and especially for the noble cause of restoring the lives of the soldiers who have been deeply wounded in the War of Terror by giving them specially adaptive houses.

Meredith Iler along with the other board members of her organization named Helping a Hero works in collaboration with the veteran developers and planners and build homes adapted to the needs of the injured soldiers. Her undying efforts and dedication to the organization have helped in being able to provide as many as 100 houses to the family of soldiers in different states. She has always had an affinity and close proximity to the military all through her adult life.

It is really not easy to make people understand your good intentions all the time and it is even harder to find supporters who are willing to stand by your side to fulfill your noble dream. But Meredith’s determination has helped her achieve this and now, she has managed to earn an acclaim for herself globally. She is not just the founder of the non-profit organization Helping a Hero but also the Chairman Emeritus of the organization and it was she who launched the Wounded Hero Home Program in 2005.

She has often in her tweets appreciated and said good things about all those who contribute generously to fulfilling this work of building homes for the hurt soldiers. Her innate intention is to slowly incorporate the entire community into this work and that is what she is slowly achieving. People have started harboring similar feelings like her and hence are making efforts to help in the work giving establishments to the soldiers and their families. Recently, the River Hills Bank went out of their way to get a mortgage approved for a wounded warrior.

Meredith makes sure that the day when the house is handed over to the wounded warrior and his family it is really special and so, recently in a small street in Independence, the event was graced by the presence of Congressmen of two states and a U.S. Senator, who welcomed amidst the beautiful music of Lee Greenwood, the wounded hero and his family into the handicap accessible home.

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