Top 11 Gift Shops In Dallas To Find A Souvenir

Do you have many friends? Of course, you have lot of friends. You daily planner is bright from the birthdays and memorable dates. You need to buy a present to all your friends to show them your care. You are in Texas now. This is a legendary place to find the best and atmospheric presents for your friends. What a good idea! Texas presents are good for people who have everything and need something unusual. Dallas is the first city in Texas. The local shops are full of atmospheric essentials. It is not a problem to find your favorite gift shop. They are located here and there all over the city.

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Artisan’s Collection

You will be impressed with the wide assortment of arts, crafts and hand-made jewelry from more than 100 respectable Dallas artists. Looking for the painting, sculpture or crafts, welcome to the Bishop Art Gallery. This is the best supportive place for local artists to present their works and for tourists to buy something creative for present.

Forty Five 10

Texas is a city to find an elegant collection of hand-made jewelry, light books, crafty candles, wooden frames and home decorations. It doesn’t matter why you need a present, for your teacher or mother. Forty Five offers special souvenir for everyone. The legendary gift you are lucky to find is Ippolita bracelets and Kelly Wearstler’s hand sculptures.

Froggie’s 5 & 10

This giant Knox Street welcomes you with the interesting souvenir stores. What do you prefer for your kids? Buy something of puzzles, craft kits, action figures from the most popular brands, dinosaurs, books and many other things. Looking for an interesting toy, you will find it in Froggie’s 5 & 10. It takes you far more than an hour to find something special.

Grange Hall

Looking for an eclectic present, welcome to the Grange Hall. Locals call this place a treasure chest that is full of sculptures and figures made of natural materials, edgy jewelry and funky accessories, colored skulls, and other finds. If you need a snake ring or vintage chest, you should find it here. In case when you couldn’t find a worthy thing in Froggie’s, drive your car on Travis Street to Grange Hall. The shop boasts the unique accessories, arts samples and jewelry essentials that are taken from the anthropology museum. Every new present you buy here can talk with its special old language.


Madison is another place that calls you to buy a special present or just a souvenir for men, women and even babies. This chic boutique contains presents for your family and friends. Thus, you can buy something from William Yeoward crystal, surprise your friends with monogrammed linen napkins, or cashmere throw.


The shop owners are Mickey Miller and Dan Dean. They made their boutique a unique store with modern art pieces, sculptures and jewelry are made of glassy materials, clay, metal, wooden ingredients, mixed variants.


Nest contains a unique collection of homy gifts. Think of buying glassy vases, elite puzzles, branded candles. Looking for a very special gift, put the Nest on a top of your list. How about the ancient writing set? This can be an excellent gift.


Nuvo helps you to find different kinds of gifts, including greeting cards for them. This is the only one Acme Studio Boutique in the US. You can buy everything for writing, including exclusive printed papers, card cases, albums, and pens. Also, Nuvo stocks elegant watches and jewelry, books, bags, even money clips. The pocketbook can be a sweet present for your friend.

We are 1976

One of the best popular gift stores in the city is We are 1976. It contains a lot of crafty things that are good for different collections. What do you want? How about the idea to buy a cat ring or original screen print? You can find specially designed lunchbox that is only one in history. You can find all here and even more. The shop’s assortment is full of original gifts from local artists, handmade accessories, sweets. You can make your own printed gift by using your paint skills. It is up to $50. You will surely know that your souvenir is made with special care and love.

Dolly Python

Dolly Python is a place where you can buy charming vintage clothes. It is considered to be the Best Vintage Wear Shop. The clothes items you can find here are costumes, casual dresses, jewelry, home furnishes, decoration items. The variety of clothes and footwear is big. Thus, the shop provides vinyl records for sale. The art gifts are carefully created by local masters, except for original vintage items.

The Gypsy Wagon

When you see a colorful bright shop which is called the Gypsy Wagon, you think of it as a flower shop. But it looks different inside. The interior style is a unique mix of bohemian interior, gift shop and art gallery. Every little thing can be found here. Look at the cowboy boots, gift accessories, jewelry and furniture. The shop is small by size but tight from the variety of souvenirs. It doesn’t matter whether you find a good present here of not, this is a city attraction also.

If you couldn’t find a gift in the Wagon, try to find it in Swap and Flea. This is a market from local vendors that is full of local crafts and big sales. As you can see, Texas is full of gift shops to buy a present from the US. Remember that the most special and original present you can take from the US you can buy only in Dallas. Just make a one day stop and try to pick a good souvenir. No doubts, you can pick at least the half of your shop list here.

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