5 No-Fail Outfits Every Young Woman Should Have At Hand

Can’t find anything suitable to wear? Well, there are times when your wardrobe can be utterly disappointing. Regardless of how much your closet is ‘packed’ with clothes, you are stuck with the dilemma of not having anything to wear when you are short on time.

This happens when you are missing out on essential wardrobe staples that can save your day. If you do not have the most basic items in your wardrobe, you are likely to face this tough situation. This is where these top five no-fail outfits come in.

Depending on your own taste and style, every young woman should have a version of the following outfits that we consider a must-have.

Solid-Colored Tees

A handful of solid colored tees can ease your dress-up games. Make sure your collection essentially includes a white and black tee. There are endless options on how you can mix and match these tees with different bottoms and shoes to create a new look every time.

In fact, you will be surprised how versatile this single piece of clothing could be. Layer it under a trendy sweater or tuck it in a pleated skirt or just let it hang free paired with your famous skinny jeans, there’s no way you can doubt on how essential it is to your wardrobe as a reliable staple.

A Stylish Blazer

Whenever you need something extra to put together your entire outfit, a blazer is a perfect choice! Whether you want to complete an office look or add in a little glamour to a casual dress-up, blazer it is!

Blazers are also a great option for layering up your outfit. Put a classy piece on top of your regular jeans and a pair of heels, and you can instantly rock a red-carpet look. Also, a blazer is the ideal substitute when you don’t want to keep yourself warm with a heavy coat.

This jacket-style just can’t go wrong. And with so many fantastic options out there, don’t hesitate to try on new colors and patterns. A blazer is a perfect piece of clothing to add a pop of color to any outfit.

Just like tees, blazers are versatile too. You can wear it over a dress, over a jumpsuit or pantsuit, and can even pair it up with your regular skinny jeans and a crop top. This style will remain evergreen.

A Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is not a piece of clothing – it’s a style statement.

It’s the most basic wardrobe stable that your collection is incomplete without. A leather jacket can literally be paired with anything you own. White shirt? Of course! Jeans? Yep. And what about that colorful mini dress? You bet!

If you have a black jacket, you don’t even have to stress about the color combinations. The color ‘black’ tends to pull out the best in everything, and your clothing is no exception.

A black leather jacket is a must-have to save your day. Not only it is an excellent piece for layering, but the chic style statement it creates is definitely a head-turner.

A Dress

While you can always own hundreds of party-wear, formal dresses, make sure you keep a few casual ones on hand too.

A dress is the perfect and most convenient clothing that every young woman should own. It’s the easiest thing to slip on when you just can’t decide what to wear. You can pick solid colors, stripes, patterns, or designs. Be confident about trying out different styles and cuts when it comes to dresses.

One of the best ways to pull off a dressier look is by pairing it up with the right accessories. A simple neck scarf, printed ballet pumps, or a bright-colored blazer to pop in some color are a few great ideas. Both floor-length and knee-length dresses can do the trick here!

Black Pencil Skirt/Pants

A black pencil skirt or pant is no more considered an office-wear alone. In fact, it can help you create the perfect weekend look without looking too much. Also, there are tons of options and variety you can pair it up with. Grab a bright-colored silk blouse, a stylish buttoned-down shirt, a tee, or a cami – it looks great with a black pencil skirt or pants.

To give it a unique touch, pair it up with statement sneakers instead of your stilettos. This will give it a fresher, classier vibe.

Final Word

Only outfits wouldn’t complete a wardrobe. There are tons of other wardrobe essentials that every young woman should own. If you are wondering what should be your next move, there’s nothing to worry about. Just head to your favorite online clothing store and make sure you buy dresses, a few classy pieces of accessories, funky bags and purses, and of course a few pairs of shoes and sneakers.

Your footwear, in particular, can create a lot of difference to your overall outfit and appearance. So once you have stocked up on these five no-fail outfits, spend some time in picking the right footwear too!

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