Tips and Tricks for your Essential Summertime Vacation Wardrobe

It is the middle of July, which means that tropic delights in exotic locations begin to wind up! However, before you embark on your fuzzy summertime vacation, you should make sure that your travel bag is packed with an assembly line of necessary clothes which are as light and comfortable as they are elegant and stylish. If you want to know what a must is during this summer when it comes to clothing, yet you still want to retain the air of practicality about it, here are some tips and tricks for your essential summertime vacation wardrobe.

Wayfarer glasses

Even though original Wayfarer glasses were created by Ray-Ban all the way back in 1952, the world has seen countless alternatives, derivates and, let us be honest, copies of this framework. Yet once you don the pair of sunglasses that are “molded” in such fashion, it becomes quite evident why – the design is simply eternal. For more than half a century, the outline that has become universally known as “those Wayfarer glasses” has endured in spite of constantly shifting circumstances in the world of fashion. At least a singular pair is the obligatory part of the summer wardrobe.

Plain white T-Shirt

This one’s also universal; plain white T-shirts have been the ubiquitous part of summertime wardrobe in the bags of both men and women since forever. Now, when it comes to the tailoring and measurements, things tend to fluctuate depending on what’s in vogue at the moment, but you need at least one plain white shirt in your bag. It is simply a tabula-rasa and a chameleon of a fashion detail, all at the same time. It can be elegant or casual depending on the overall combination.

Light panties are crucial for comfort

Above all else, you need to feel comfortable in your own skin, and this can be a true feat when temperatures reach the boiling point. Still, there is a singular very simple thing you can do to make your life easier without sacrificing your outfit – and that is to bring only the most comfortable undies. In all seriousness, the difference between feeling comfortable and feeling awkward always lies in the lightest women’s underwear you can put on. It is quite simple to determine whether you have chosen correctly – if after a minute or two you begin to feel as if you are wearing virtually nothing, you’ve got the right panties.

Button-down for every occasion

Just like the plain white T-shirt, the button-down has always been a universal part of the summertime wardrobe due to its simplicity and practicality. Button-downs tend to crumple easily but they are also quite simply irreplaceable when it comes to keeping their wearers cool, which is a priority in tropical locations. Today, the choices when it comes to color coding are absolutely staggering as hipster culture popularized them once again along with the flannel shirts.

Maxi dress

The maxi dresses with vibrant floral prints have that uplifting “throw and go” quality to them. You just slip into them and you are ready to go touring through the narrow streets of the coastal town. They are also such an amazing summertime wardrobe choice for evening adventures and casual dinners. For most of their existence they have been considered an informal type of dress, yet the popularity of this particular item of clothing is suddenly on the rise in the realm of high fashion. Therefore, it is both practical and in vogue. What more does a girl need? It can work quite well in combination with some sneakers and a small leather bag with a long string.

Kimono robe

On the opposite side of the “casual” spectrum, you have a kimono robe – the stylish and popular choice that will give you a special kind of edge. These days, you can find truly sexy robes that are more of a kimono-style than a genuine kimono dress. Purchasing a white and a black model will open a whole new realm of possibilities when it comes to summer combos. While the white one has an air of conformism and casual about it, the black one is a gorgeous yet minimalistic model for intense nights in the town.

The denim shorts

Denim shorts are any girl’s best friend during summer. They are the staple of the casual culture and they always add an aura of cool to any girl that wears it. Denim is eternally fashionable. Combined with an extremely light shirt and high-heel sandals, you will get the killer combination for any time of day out on the promenade.

If you want to get through this season without making a fashion faux-pas, just avoid going overboard with glamour. The laid back demeanor communicated through clothing is at the peak of popularity this summer. You do not need to spend a small fortune in order to look like a classy girl during your vacation in a hot and steamy environment. Most of your clothing is there to compliment your personality, so flaunt those light shirts, short denims and long light dresses like you made them yourself.

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