How to Choose the Best Car Seats for Your Sports Car

Your sports car deserves nothing but the finest features, inside and out. That absolutely includes seats that keep you cradled and supported like a baby, so that you can focus on nothing but the sweet, sweet ride. Choosing the right seats isn’t easy, especially with an aftermarket saturated with high and low-end options but knowing the important factors that should influence your decision can go a long way in finding the absolute right seats for you. From custom seat covers to standalone seats, there’s an option for every taste and price range, because one seat definitely does not fit all. After all, the best sports cars deserve the best seats that make going from 0 to 60 in a matter of seconds a breeze.


When driving a sports car, the way the seat feels is so important to the overall driving experience. When you’re cutting sharp corners and weaving, the last thing you want is to slide all over your seat. You want to feel at one with your car, and snug-fitting seats or seat covers are the way to get you there. Surprisingly, the less room you have, the better – just ask any racecar driver. The seat should fit tightly and prevent you from wiggling, but not so much that it feels uncomfortable, because part of the joy of driving sports cars is definitely the up-level comfort. A bucket seat is usually the best fit for most body types. BRIDE offers both fixed bucket seats and reclining bucket seats, so you can choose your favourite, but companies like STATUS offer both narrow and wide seats to really customize them to your body type.


Like we said before, comfort is a huge factor in choosing car seats, but not all seats are made the same. You want to look for an ergonomic design that gives you the back support you need, so that you can cruise all over the countryside without giving yourself the backache to end all backaches. Features like adjustable lumbar support, backrests, and shoulder, back, and thigh bolsters will keep you comfortably in place for even the wildest of rides. Recaro is one brand that really focuses on ergonomic comfort, so this might be a good place to start (especially if you have any back or neck issues).


There’s no denying that the look of a sports car can change drastically thanks to the seats. Choosing the right seats or seat covers for your precious car shouldn’t be a decision made lightly, but it can come down to a few simple factors. The fabric is usually the deciding factor; drivers absolutely love the look and feel of leather but hate the expense. My Custom Car offers high-quality leather look seat covers, so you get all the appeal of leather without the luxury price tag. If more of a racer look is what you’re after, STATUS and BRIDE give you the sportiest designs.


A sports car can go through a lot of wear and tear, especially on the inside. The ability to perform sharp turns and sudden stops might be exhilarating, but it sure doesn’t do your interior any favours. Spills, rips, and fading usually come with the territory of owning a thrilling sports car, but they don’t have to. Custom fitted seat covers help give you a level of seat protection that other car seats can’t offer, helping you protect your investment long term. My Custom Car seat covers give you the sporty look and feel you crave, while keeping the original seats in mint condition. If long-lasting comfort is what you’re looking for, then you’d be better off choosing quality seat covers that will outlast expensive new seats.

You’ve spent money on your car, and  — judging by the fact you’ve read this whole article  — you obviously care about keeping it in good shape. Use these tips in choosing the best car seat covers for your ride, and keep looking amazing for years to come.

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