A Look At Roofing Design Trends For 2018

Being exposed to many natural elements, has long been our essential and fundamental shelter. Providing not only the protection against many natural inconveniences, but they are being built to sustain almost anything plus being, even more, energy efficient. Modern roofing trends have been evolving nowadays, due to the fact that many people want to build a safe, eco-friendly and contemporary roof. Here is a general outlook of what new trends are overpowering the year of 2018.

Energy attentive roofing

Many designers are putting the roofing construction to the next level. For years they have been trying to implement the long-lasting and quality material for the roof with them being energy conscious and environmentally safe. The focus has shifted to designing the roofing to provide better solar insulation and lowering the electricity costs. So it is no surprise that many homeowners opt for installing solar panels on their roof. Even though the initial investment might put many people off, the later energy saving will utterly be lucrative. Solar panel roofing is becoming a more widespread trend, not only because of its costly reasons but also because the initial lifespan of those roofs is minimum 10 years.

The booming Eco-friendly roofing

It goes without saying that environmental flow has been increasing throughout the years especially in Australia. So among one of the reasons why people immerse into putting the eco-friendly design into their roofing is also to put environmental friendly materials and standards in roofing. Some reckon it is easier said than done, but they are quite mistaken. Even if some eco materials are more expensive than others, that factor is usually neglected by many Aussies because they are focused on the long sustainability and lifespan of the roof. For instance, metal roofing is quite popular with environmentally conscious users because they are entirely recyclable, they are more ecologically sound, and you can even harvest rainwater and generate solar power. Great, right? In a way, it is rather smart, but an even greater option worth of investigating would be quality slate roofing. By having first-class slate roofing you give your roof the most outstanding natural material known to mankind. What is more, slate roofing offer more color choices than any other material, it is waterproof, and it comes in different shapes and sizes and it can be also cut into your unique designated style. So it’s no wonder that slate roofing in Sydney has became a rather popular trend lately.

“Plant” roofing design

If the above-mentioned trends haven’t struck you, then this all-green option will definitely boost up your imagination. This roofing design represents a fully living option, where homeowners have a real chance to grow living plants on the top of their houses. This trend will definitely spice up the trends in 2018 because almost everybody can install this roofing and also contribute to the eco-friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, there are pretty easy to install and maintain. The trick to installing green roofing is first to place a thick waterproof membrane for the protection, and then you can plant your own lavishing garden. The aesthetics of this roofing are breathtaking and original, but it might night be for the brave. Since it requires a little bit more of your attention and dedication. Again, depending on the type of flowers and greeneries you plant, regular trimming and maintaining is a must.

Rare designer roofing

A smart consumer doesn’t tend to sacrifice quality and price for the unique appearance of their roof. However, there are many design trends that have grasped the opportunity to blend in the quality and appearance. Roofing manufacturers have been trying to produce the genuine roofs that would suit every customer, especially focusing on being appealing, well-designed, eye-catching and, above all, functional. The focus in functionality lies in the roofing being water resistant, impact resistant, algae resistant, and to have reflective shingle lines. On top of all of that, the focal point is actually in the style, color, and texture. Special designer roof comes in a range of colors, for example, the traditional muted gray and brown are no longer popular, but they can rather choose from a pallet of thirty colors. Some metal roofing can have any rainbow color you desire. On the other hand, there is the texture. The new designer elements include bold dimensional shingles, composite or wood shakes, and ceramic tiles. More or less, there can be an option for everybody’s taste.

Other roofing alternatives in 2018

Sometimes it is better to go for the traditional. Other options are not to be forgotten, because they have sustained years and years of bad weather and other mishaps. Not only because they are rather affordable, but asphalt shingles are still quite popular also because of its sustainability. Their lifespan might depend on the climate, nevertheless, they are light and easy to install. Plus, there are the classing roofing tiles that are gaining more and more popularity in 2018. That is more due to their outstanding appearance and mid-range price point. In the end, there will always be an option to install cement, rubber or wood roofs that would adapt to a certain taste and environment.

Basically, the modern technology has allowed the designers to manufacture unlimited types of materials. Whether you seek structural integrity, energy efficiency, wind and water resistance, you will definitely find the roofing design you strive for.

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