Who’s Wearing Streetwear? Fashion Predictions For 2023

In recent years the concept of streetwear has dominated fashion magazines and commentators. Streetwear, defined as casual but fashionable clothing worn by people that follow popular culture and trends, has become a massive fashion buzzword. Mostly worn by young people, streetwear has become emblematic of urban living.

Streetwear can be difficult to define and spot because it has many different influences, and a very diverse customer base. Hip-hop artists, skateboarding and surfing culture, K-Pop, and haute couture can all claim to have had a great influence on streetwear. It is worn by people of all genders, all levels of scio-economic status, and in every part of the world.

It has flipped traditional fashion on its head. In this subculture, the people wearing the clothes decide the trends, and not the fashion designers. Influencers, musicians, sports stars, and socialites all have a massive influence on modern streetwear. It has effectively become democratised. 

But who are the biggest names in street fashion right now, and what fashion trends will dominate in 2023? Get ahead of the curve and find out who to follow right here. 


Playboi Carti

The rapper from Georgia, USA is a massive influencer when it comes to street fashion. With his style being a key part of his artist brand, his many fans and followers often take notes from his outfits. He has stated that shopping at thrift shops in his youth has become a massive contributor to his unique style. He has modelled for many streetwear fashion brands, which has made him a huge influencer on street style. Defined as a ‘huge leader of youth style’ by GQ, people will continue to take inspiration from his fits well into 2023. 


Tyler, The Creator 

Tyler, The Creator, a rapper from California, has also been a key part of influencing street style. He has been highly praised for his decision to shun designer labels, his style has been influential to many of his young fans. He’s famous for wearing lots of pastels and bright colours, a fashion moment which has infiltrated its way into many streetwear brands. He’s also incorporated many garments into his wardrobe that have made their way to the streets, for example cardigans and sweater vests, that will be seen in stores well into 2023. His influence on modern street style can’t be denied. 

Emily Oberg

This influencer, dubbed a lifestyle guru, is one of the leading influences on women’s street fashion. She is one of the biggest reasons for the return of women’s tracksuits. Her instagram engagement rate is extremely high, which means that she’s attracting lots of people that actively look at her posts. While the scene is unfortunately lacking in female influencers, it’s clear that Oberg has managed to be an extraordinary trendsetter in the world of women’s streetwear, and her scope shows no signs of slowing down in 2023. 

If you’re trying to plan your outfits into next year, definitely check these influencers out. Following these top influencers in 2023 will ensure you stay ahead of the curve. 

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