3 Tips For Travelling In London

London is a fantastic city for so many reasons, so it’s no wonder that you are looking to travel there. You will have a wonderful time, whether you’re looking to go for the food, culture, sightseeing or shopping. However, there are a few hacks we have to make travelling in the city quicker, easier, cheaper and less stressful. Follow these tips, from pre booking your transport to the times you should travel and walking where you can and it will make your time in London all the more enjoyable! 

Pre-Book Your Transport

Our first tip when travelling in London is to pre-book any of your transport. If you’re going to park in a Grosvenor Square car park, get the train into London Euston or get a private transfer, make sure that you book in advance. Not only will this save you quite a lot of money (on the spot parking or train tickets are very expensive), but it will ensure that you can get the transport you want to, whether that’s getting a space in a car park or a seat on the train. You’ll be able to do all of this online, but you could also have a look if there are any discounts available to make the most of! 

Avoid Peak Commuter Times

Our next tip when it comes to travelling in London is to avoid peak commute times. Between 7:30am and 9am, and then 5pm and 7pm, all forms of transport in and around London get extremely busy, from the roads if you’re driving to trains, the tube and buses. Taxis are also in much higher demand. Travelling around peak times also leads to much higher priced tickets, so if possible, travel outside of peak hours. You will save time, money and the experience will be less stressful! If you’re not used to London life or how busy it can be, you might struggle in commuter hours. 

Walk Where You Can

Our last tip is to walk where you can around London! Not only will this save you money and help you to stay healthy, but it will also mean that you get to enjoy so much of the beautiful city of London by foot. You might initially come into London in your car or by train, but walk as much as possible during your time in the city (make sure to bring comfortable shoes). Sometimes this can actually be quicker than getting other forms of public transport, especially in commute hours or on very busy weekends. Use Google Maps or get a London guide that you can use, so you don’t get lost. London is a very big place, so it might be quite difficult to learn your way around in just a few days! However, if you’re moving to London and will be there for a good few weeks or months, you’d be surprised at just how quickly you learn your way around just like a local Londoner. 

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