Top 5 Tips For Mothers With Young Children

Struggling with keeping your child well behaved, sleeping or putting food in their hair? Here are some of the best tips that have been found from some of the great mothers out there. 

Scrap the “to do” list

Children can be highly demanding at times so trying to stick to a schedule that you set yourself can be challenging. Try and spread out your tasks across the week and not cram them all in one day. The little one might have other things planned for you that day. 

Do not become their slave

Just because their clutter makes your house a mess does not mean you have to tidy up after them. Get into the habit of telling them they need to tidy their toys, they should hang up their coat and not leave it out and should put their rubbish in the bin.

Travel bag, be prepared for the worst 

It is very important that you are prepared for an emergency baby change, especially if you are far away from home. Having the right bag that is big enough for all the clothes you need as well as looking fashionable is important in today’s age. Get with the trends of a leather baby changing bag that makes the other mums go wow and be jealous at how prepared you are when disaster strikes. 

Go explore and breathe in the fresh air

This is super important, especially in today’s society where everything involves technology. Go outdoors and play with your child to not only get them to get the Vitamin D that they need but to also rest their young eyes from staring at a screen too long. It is just as important to educate your child without a screen as it is with a screen. 

Be a parent as much as friend

Yes, your job is to be there for your child to make sure they can come up to you and talk about anything on their mind. However, you have got to make sure that you play the role of a parent just as much. Being strict with them and saying some things that might upset them will make them fall out with you. They will always love you even if you have put them in a bad mood, just don’t do it too often!

Always answer them

It is always important to answer their questions, even if it does feel like you are competing against the chaser. If you stop answering their questions then they may stop asking you questions as well which means they are not being educated on some stuff they don’t know about. 

Last but certainly not least, just be you

It’s all ok trying to be the best role model for your child but doing anything out of character can make you feel down. If they see you pretending to be someone you are not then they might do the same when they are older. 

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