Surrogates and Egg Donors Procedures A Surrogacy Journey

Egg donation is part of any surrogacy procedures. Just as surrogates undergo screening procedures, egg donors will also undergo the same rigid process. Egg donation is regulated infertility treatments. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) treats egg donations similar to other organs. Just like other drug donations. There are multiple rules and regulations in place that are needed to screen egg donors, much like any other tissue donation.

Three Ways To Donate Eggs

Egg donors have three main ways to donate their eggs. Sometimes their eggs can be used for surrogates or it can also be used in other in vitro fertilization treatments. The three ways to donate eggs are:

  • Using an agency
  • Donating to a clinic running an egg donor service
  • Donating through a direct method

Agencies serve as head hunters. They may compensate the donor more, depending on the agreements with the donor. The compensation may vary depending on the local cost of living. The compensation will cover her lost wages and other daily expenses. The location where the donor lives may also determine the payment. In Washington DC, donors may receive $6000 to $8000 but there are cases where the donors may earn up to $25,000.

Egg donors are not paid as much as surrogates do. The reason is that a surrogate carries a child for nine months and has extensive procedures than what n egg donor my undergo. It is advisable for aspiring donors to seek a reliable agency or clinic without getting headhunted by those institutions. There’s the option of also directly donating the eggs to a friend or family member. Some directed donations can lead to $25,000 to $50,000 in compensation, especially if the family is wealthy or has more means to pay more to meet their specific criteria.

Both Egg Donors and Surrogates Require A Rigid Series of Screenings

Just like surrogates, egg donors will undergo a series of physical and psychological screenings. Doctors want to ensure that the donor has a sound mind and fully comfortable to undergo the donation procedure. Aside from psychological evaluations, the donor will also go through physical screenings.

Based on the FDA regulations, a donor might be disqualified if she has a piercing or a tattoo within the last 12 months, especially if sterile procedures are not used for the procedure. Doctors may also want to check the donors’ travel history to make sure that the person has not traveled to any country where a virus might have an outbreak, such as going to a country affected by Zika. For the physical examinations, the doctor may check the donor’s blood and perform an ultrasound to see the number of eggs that a person may have.

Since the screening process for the egg donation might be intensive, only a small percentage of women have expressed their interest in donating would often be eligible to donate. The rates of eligibility may vary for every clinic due to their strict screening process.

Matchmaking Will Occur Before The Donation Process Begins

The donor will be most likely matched to a recipient before the donation procedure begins. Unlike sperm donation, egg donation would require a matchmaking process. Egg freezing is quite a new technology which is why it is not widely used as of the moment. It is important to match up the woman to a couple before the process begins.

Egg Donors Are Advised To Look For The Most Reputable Clinic

Women who are wishing to donate their eggs should perform their own research to find out the best clinics or agencies that are great with IVF treatments. The prospective donor may check the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s published report on fertility rate. The prospective donor may call all the best clinics and tell them that she wishes to be a donor. The woman may also inquire about the possibility of risks involved.

The best way for a surrogate, egg donor, and recipients to understand the process is to do their research. It is important to study the journey and the factors involved to have a clear knowledge of what they are about to go through. The surrogacy process can be daunting and stressful but it can be a memorable event if done right.

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