Different Ways Of Consuming Cannabis Without Damaging The Environment

Smoking cannabis is not only an uncomfortable experience for many, but it also pollutes the environment. Not all people like to smoke as it is a strong cause of lung diseases. It has a massive effect on the throat of the consumer as it causes a burning effect which can get worse over time. The smoke emitted from the joint just adds to the already failing health of our stratosphere. However, we do not have to forgo the usage of cannabis just because the traditional method of smoking it up is threatening to damage our health and add to air pollution.

Here are some ways you can consume cannabis without the traditional smoking method


You do not always have to torch up cannabis to reap its benefits. The fact of the matter is that use a vape would allow the chemical compounds of the cannabis to vaporize at a much lower temperature making them less harmful to your health. The taste of the vaporized cannabis is usually preferred over the taste of a combusted flower, and it also makes it easier on the lungs. You can use paper sachets made of pre-ground herbal cannabis that are designed for dry herb inhalers like hapac®. These are ready-to-use filter sachets that let the cannabis heat up gently, which then creates an inhalable vapor. What makes hapac® so desirable is there is no burning, no toxicants, no cannabis wasted, and the odor is often drastically reduced. Once used the hapac® sachets can be easily composted.


One of the more obvious alternatives ways of consuming cannabis is through a cannabis-infused food and drink. Marijuana edibles have quickly become popular, and so now you can consume anything that has butter or oil as their base. You can either choose the option of making your own cannabis butter at home or even get cannabis-infused edibles from the dispensaries. You will need to start to slow, however, because it takes a while for the cannabis kicks in, thanks to the digestive process.

Ingestible oil

These are basically any cannabis concentrate that is taken orally. These usually come in capsules or plastic applicators. Either of them can be consumed directly or added to your drink or food. Similar to edibles, the oils can have a very strong kick so you will need to be mindful of your doses.


These are cannabis infested balms or lotions and are applied directly to the skin for relief of pain, soreness, and inflammation. A unique property of cannabis topicals is that they have the capability of treating symptoms without producing any psychoactive effects, so if you need to have a clear head and bypass the euphoric effects altogether, then topicals are the option for you.

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