Why You Should Use Private Charter Services: Pros and Cons

You probably already heard about charter flights as part of the great airfare deals or low price vacation package. However, you may not know what exactly is this type of transportation. Charter flights include traveling by plane which is outside the usual flying schedule.

You buy the tickets through a charter company or tour operator for vacation packages, but you can also hire the whole plane if need be. But charter flights have pros and cons, just like any form of transportation. So, take a look why you should use private charter service and what kind of benefits and risks it carries.

PROS: It’s all about you

When you fly with private charter service, the whole experience is about you. You can fly wherever you want and at any time you deem fit. Additionally, the service inside the plane will be at your disposal and set to meet your specific needs.

You can choose the cuisine, avoid long layovers and choose the aircraft as well as its interior. This is a great option if you fly with friends to turn it into a more fun experience. And you can even choose the number of seats that suit you best.

CONS: Strict refund policy

Some companies have strict cancellation policies which require penalties and do not offer a refund. The passenger may name the substitute traveler for a small fee, but if they miss the flight altogether – they can’t simply take the next flight. This is called ‘Use It or Lose It’ policy and most charter services have this in place. The refund policies apply to public and private charter services considering that they both have expenses to organize and prepare the flights.  

PROS: Have your pet with you

For a while now, we witness the importance of pets on a plane and problems this may cause for other passengers, as well as airlines. But when you use private charter service, your pet is with you at all times and not in the cargo area. This way, both yours and their anxiety is taken care of and you can enjoy the travel with your faithful friend by your side.

CONS: Crowded and stuffy

Just like any type of traveling, a charter flight can be quite a challenge of nerves. The plane can be crowded since the charter company wants to sell every seat and maximally fill their capacity.

This is what happens on commercial flights as well, so it’s a minor issue and nothing you haven’t experienced already in other forms of transportation. Nonetheless, if you use private charter service, you will hardly experience this just as you would if you fly in the first class.

PROS: Gets you closer to your destination

If you are taking, for example, Sydney air charter – one of the most visited cities in the world to another globally popular destination Dubai, you won’t have to worry about departure and arrival. Namely, you choose the terminals from which you will start and end your flight.

Therefore, if you have a small airfield near you, you can depart from there and avoid the crowded traffic. The same applies to arrivals and you can choose whichever airport or airfield you find the most convenient for you to land.   

CONS: Cancellations and delays

If a company can’t sufficiently fill the charter flights, they can cancel it in the 10-day period before departure. But other things may cause the cancellations, like weather conditions especially if the plane is unpressurized. When it comes to delays, it can happen even in private charter flights when the pilot and the company believe there is a concern for passenger safety.

In the end

Private charter service is a perfect way to travel for those suffering from anxiety, want to avoid crowds and need to get to their destination as fast as possible. While it also has the cons, pros are enough to choose this type of flying and enjoy a comfortable and in some cases a luxurious flight.


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