TOP 6 Places You Can Try VEGAS STYLE DRINKS! Go to the Strip!

Las Vegas is a big joy for the cocktail lovers. Whenever you go, you can find a wide choice of drinks and snacks. What cocktail do you prefer? How about classic Margarita? Actually, you can pick any cocktail from the menu but Margarita is usually served for free if you win at casino. Of course, such an atmospheric place as Vegas needs a good stylish car. Car rental Nevada can help you in picking a car for different occasions. But if you want to taste as much cocktails as possible, you’d better to leave a car on a parking place and go along the Strip from one bar to another. Of course, you can order your favorite beer, wine or Margarita. But there are many drinks you can try in Vegas only! Do you want to know more about it?



The Cromwell is rather popular place with its martini cocktails. Also, this is the newest hotel on Strip. The restaurant chef came from Italy many years ago to mix amazing cocktails and create unmixed tastes. You have a chance to try something new for $16 only! Traditionally, you will pay for bee for about $10. So, what is recommended to try?

Cocktails to try:

Traditionally, you should take Martini for breakfast. If you want to try something more exotic, try this: made of orange liquor, lemon fresh, orange jam and fruit jelly.

There is one more interesting taste for you to awake: espresso mixed Botran Solera rum, classic beer, sweet liquor, much spices, and some honey syrup.



This popular Lounge can be found in a Caesars Palace. Honestly, this is a perfect place to drink a cocktail or two for heating up before the hot night in Omnia or after the concert in Colosseum. What do you expect for? You will get luxury surrounding, screens and monitors on the walls, comfortable seats to sit, drink cocktails and watch people dancing.

Cocktails to try:

Del Toro is needed to feel optimistic. It is made of Patron tequila, lime and pine apple slices, and Chambord.

Bannister: a kind of British cocktail that is made of jam, dry wine, fresh lemon, apricot brandy, and the egg white.



This restaurant is situated in the legendary Caesars Palace. Nobu means Japanese cuisine. How is it possible to mix Japanese food and drinks? The choice is really wide! The restaurant has much to offer. So, it is better to come here hungry and thirsty to try as much exclusive drinks and dishes as you can.

Cocktails to try:

Sado Blossom Drink: hibiscus essence and aromatic mint is mixed with soju, yuzu juice, and some home-made sorbet of any taste.

Martini Matsuhisa: Do we need martini again? Yes, martini is a very popular ingredient for cocktails in Vegas. So, this brand cocktail includes vodka, hokusetsu sake, ginger and cucumber garnish.


Go to FIZZ

Caesar Palace is a legendary place to take a cocktail on your taste. You can find a lot of interesting restaurants on this location but don’t miss a luxury Fizz bar. What you can try here is a real peace of art! Also, the bar is situated next to Colosseum exhibition hall, so that you can take one of unbelievably tasty cocktails and go to see the exhibition.

Cocktails to try:

Noir Fizz: This must be one of the most popular cocktails in this bar. It is made of fresh cherries, lemon juice, sweet syrup, and Chardon Brut.

Fraise Drink: Strawberry cocktails are brand cocktails in Fizz. This one is made of fresh strawberry, champaign, gin, caramel syrup, and, traditionally, a drop of lemon juice.



Caesars Palace is a huge territory! There are many restaurants to choose from. Honestly, you shouldn’t go far to try one of those exclusive cocktails that Vegas has. Go to the Lobby Bar. It is situated next to the hotel register counter. This atmospheric place welcomes you to pick one of many classic cocktails you can try only in Vegas, so-called old classic. The most of them were popular in the epoch of Rat Pack. Besides, the Lobby Bar works twenty-four-hour.

Cocktails to try:

Caesars Ritz contains classic gin, Saint Germain liquor, lime juice, mint, and fresh cucumbers.

Whisky Highball made of whisky, orange and herb liquors, drop of lemon juice, some ginger beer, and more syrup.



This restaurant is not old but popular. You can go not only for fiery cocktails here but try cheese burgers. This is a bar you cannot miss! There are more than 20 sorts of beer and about 10 exclusive cocktails.

Cocktails to try:

Crazy Hagar is a hot mix of Sammy’s Beach Rum, traditionally, a drop of fresh lemon juice, half a glass of ginger beer, and some aromatic mint.

Jack’d Up is made of spicy Tennessee mixed with green apple slices, juice of lime, and American sardines for garnish.


Vegas is a place where you can find a drink that suits your personality the most. That must be your special taste. Do you want to try anything refreshing, light, and super hot? Do you prefer drinking old classic? You don’t need to travel here and there across the city to find that one right cocktail for you. City restaurants cannot help! Go to Strip! This is the most hospitable place on Earth!

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