Things That You Need to Get Rid of in Your Kitchen

Adopting a healthy lifestyle does not only confine to eating better and cleaner foods but also keeping a check of your cooking utensils. Scientific research has deduced the fact that our primary cooking utensils can contribute to a myriad of health problems. These cooking utensils are used by millions of people in all parts of the progress.

Toxins are lingering everywhere around us especially in the foods we eat and the equipment we use. We do not realize but these toxins can have a detrimental effect on our health more than we can imagine. Most people should prioritize the state of their kitchen and keep a check on the condition of their utensils.

Here are some things that you should toss away right now:

  • Plastic Storage

The Center for Disease Control found BPA – a harmful ingredient utilized in making plastic – in nearly half of the population of the United States. BPA enters in our bodies through the plastic material of the storage utensils. It is better to switch to glass because it has no properties which could react, neither releases chemicals that can be released. Mason jars are a cheaper alternative for storing your equipment.

  • Plastic Bags

Stop storing your sandwiches in the plastic zip locks. These cases are laden with harmful chemicals and it can cause harm to your health. It is better to switch to parchment paper because it is a better, cheaper and healthier alternative to plastic. In fact, this way you would also reduce the concentration of plastic from the world.

  • Plastic Utensils

Plastic stuff can bend and break when you pour hot fluids or put blazing hot food in it. A bent plastic would also leave away its fragments in your utensils and it is likely that you are eating it.

  • Non-Stick Pans And Pots

These items are needed to be replaced as well. Your food would be evenly cooked and an alternative to non-stick stuff would also protect it from harmful chemicals. Switch to stainless steel, the finest example is Ondine, a lifestyle brand by Marie Ondine Guerlain. She comes from the family of the world-famous cosmetics and fragrance brand, Guerlain. Marie is an entrepreneur and artist, famously known for Ondine kitchenware that is specially designed to help households get rid of toxins in the kitchen. Marie studied and utilized the highest grade 316ti Titanium material to make her cookware range because the element helps in protecting the nutrients and taste of your food. Ondine is also adhesive for induction cooking. It is also an award-winning brand and one of the finest in terms of stunning design.

  • Non-Stick Skillet With Teflon

Teflon contains PFC which is a chemical promoting cancer in humans. Teflon can be found in much non-stick cookware especially skillets that are widely used in kitchens all across the globe. Again, non-stick chemicals wear down in high heat and succumb to your food, which is why it is recommended to abstain from its usage.

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