Summer Break Ideas: 4 Ways to Have Fun in Orlando

Florida is a great place to have fun on a summer vacation, and Orlando is the real epicenter of entertainment. Orlando’s sights are spectacular and diverse, ranging from beautiful landscapes to the magical entourage of theme parks.

If you are tired of exhausting classes at the university, and want to get a surge of adrenaline, then it would be a great idea to book a car from Enterprise at MCO Airport and visit some of the most exciting places in Orlando…

Get acquainted with the city

The city is located in the central part of the Florida peninsula. At first it was an ordinary settlement, but everything was changed by the decision of Walt Disney, whose theme parks and entertainment centers began to be created rapidly in Orlando. Nobody knows why the famous multiplier chose this particular city. Maybe, this is because of its gorgeous tropical nature, picturesque landscapes, and generous sun?

The modern Orlando impresses by more than 80 parks, where colorful costumed shows, concerts and festivals are held. A rare day passes calmly and sedately, probably because the city itself is quite young by the standards of history.

The list of things to see in Orlando is constantly growing. The city strives to surprise its guests – its amusement parks are changing, and they create new attractions, equipped with the latest technical innovations.

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The most popular sights in Orlando, except for theme parks and entertainment complexes, are:

  • Kennedy Space Center;
  • Wonderworks inverted house;
  • City Hall;
  • First United Methodist Church;
  • Orange County Convention Center.

Amusement parks, which served as a powerful incentive for the rapid development of the city, and turned it into a luxurious entertainment center, deserve closer attention.


Feel the uniqueness of the Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World began the transformation of the provincial settlement into the heart of entertainment centers and theme parks. Walt Disney World is considered to be the largest theme park in the world. Its area exceeds 103.56 square kilometers. Such magnificence didn’t fit in the city, so it’s located 32 kilometers away from the center of Orlando, not far from the federal Highway 4.

(photo by DJ Lordee)

This is the whole city, where you can enjoy:

  • 2 water parks;
  • 4 theme parks of various specializations;
  • golf courses;
  • more than 20 hotels;
  • many shops located in designated areas;
  • night clubs with discos and karaoke.

At first impression, it seems that this is really a separate world, where the gray-haired cowboy happily smiles at the sight of the ageless Mickey Mouse, Cinderella is still waiting for her prince, and the fierce dragon is guarding the princess imprisoned in the tower.


Touch the cinema at Universal Orlando

Among the many attractions of Orlando in the United States you’ll find a widely known park owned by the famous film company. Opened in 1990, it’s a little inferior to Walt Disney World in size, but is also popular among locals and visitors to the city.

The park is divided into 3 thematic zones – its territory is occupied by an aqua park, a shopping center, as well as numerous cafes and souvenir shops. All rides and entertainment are dedicated to Universal Studios films.

During a visit to the park, you can take part in the shooting, admire the parade of characters, take a walk around the Hogwarts castle and take a photo with a transformer.

Seaworld Orlando, which is a part of Universal Orlando is ranked 9th in the US in terms of attendance. It consists of an entertainment part and a zoo – the oceanarium. Visitors will learn many interesting things about the oceans, marine plants and animals, and unravel the mysteries of past eras, the memory of which is stored at the bottom of the seas.

The fans of thrills will appreciate Kraken and Journey to Atlantis rides, while the connoisseurs of spectacular shows can enjoy walking in a two-tier aquarium, and admiring theatrical shows with performances starring killer whales at the water stadium.


Try other entertainment venues in Orlando

In addition to large parks, rather similar to separate towns with own structure and variety of impressions, Orlando features many small, but no less interesting places which shouldn’t be missed in the city and its surroundings anyway.

  • Island of Adventures

It was opened in 1999. The park is divided into 7 thematic fragments – parades of famous heroes of adventure films and cartoons are held on the territory.


It’s located along the lake at the site of the old park, the remaining rides have been restored and some new ones added to them. The main achievement is the preservation of the botanical garden, which has undergone minimal transformation. So, in the park, entertainments can be combined with pleasant walks amongst old trees and luxurious flower beds.

This sight focuses on independent study of the underwater world. Sandy beaches, waterfalls and stunning landscapes make an excellent setting, where you can dive in the lagoon admiring a large number of sea creatures and watch them in their natural environment.

  • Gatorland

Tortoises, birds and reptiles feel home in this natural preserve. In order not to disturb the inhabitants and ensure the safety of visitors, walks are provided on suspension bridges and paths. You can participate in the crocodile feeding, take photos on the background of amazing nature, and watch the life of the inhabitants of the reserve.

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