Kiss and tell: great first date ideas

When you have set your eye on that special someone, planning a first date can be a nerve-wracking experience? Should you goo all-classic with simply drinks and dinner? Or should you opt for something extravagant and totally genuine in order to make an impression and knock her off her feet? No matter the person you are going to go on date with, with the following list you will get covered with everything. Whether you have in mind a sporty and adventuresome date, or something more romantic and cute, read on and choose the best first-date idea to impress your date.

Attend a Pub quiz

Even if it is a blind date or a date with the person you’ve already met, going out to drinks is a good option. While sitting and chatting for the first time you can learn a lot about the person of your interest. Which can be a little bit boring. Break the tradition by taking your date to a fun Pub quiz. That’s a fantastic thing to both learn about each others intellect, skills, and competitive spirit while having fun doing it. It can be a random trivia quiz or some other type of quiz.

Go to a theme park

There are loads of flabbergasting activities to do at Australia’s theme parks. And the best thing is that you can break the awkward silence by hopping on a thrilling rollercoaster and spice up your first date. Actually, at the theme park, there is an abundance of fun activities. Ride a slow-paced marry-go-round, eat juicy cotton candy, ride a speed car, or just go to a stand for a hot punch. You will immediately learn if your future partner is a fun person and whether your relationship would be full of thrills.

Have a picnic at Wendy’s Secret Garden

Since there are numerous beautiful first-date sites in Sydney, it is hard to rule out the most charming one. If you are looking for the most fanciful and dreamy romantic first date ideas in Sydney, then look no more and head out to Lavender Bay.  First of all, a picnic can be both fun and romantic ice breaker for the first date, secondly, you won’t find as a spectacular view of the Sydney Harbour as at the Gardens. What is more, you can play some tunes on your mobile phone, open up the champagne, and simply let the stunning atmosphere set you at ease. You will surely make an impression for the first date.

Head out to a comedy show

If you are planning to take your date on a night out for the first date, skip the traditional classy dinner, and spice it up by going to a comedy show. Everybody loves a good laugh, and nobody would refuse to attend a stand-up comedy show. This is also a good opportunity to see whether your date is a fun and amusing person, plus if you are a little bit apprehensive about how the first date will go, watching the comedian will surely calm the tension down.

Attend a sporting event

If by chance you discover that your date is a big sport’s fan, then a great idea for the first date is to attend a minor league sports game. Big matches can be rather pricey, and if you can’t afford it, you had better play it safe and watch some local game. It will be entertaining, you can comment the players, predict the results, and gossip about the advantages and disadvantages of the game. You’ll have a laid-back atmosphere plus learn if you have a lot of things in common.

Go bowling

Doing something engaging and bedazzling on the first date will shift the focus on only talking about yourselves and digging into private matters. Since the aim is to get to know each other (slowly), go to a bowling alley and challenge your date. You will have the opportunity to show off your skills, talk and get to know each other between throws, and have loads of fun.

Watch a drive-in movie

Watching a movie on your first date is the safest choice to pick. However, there isn’t much interaction as you watch the movie, so the best thing would be to pick out some popcorns or burgers and juice and take your date to watch a drive-in movie. It might sound too old-fashioned, but it will only be the two of you in the car (thus it’s intimate), and you will have a chance to chat and laugh. In the end, you could go somewhere else if the movie gets boring.


Always strive to be yourself, and keep things affordable and casual, but fun and vivid. Bring the focus on face-to-face conversation, and go with the flow.

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