5 Companies That Are Active About Saving the Environment

There is a lot of pressure on companies now to take up environmental responsibility. It has motivated companies to adopt eco-friendly measures while going about their business. It doesn’t matter how large-scale or small-scale the steps are, what matters is how much they’re doing to add to a crippling state of environment the world is in. This could mean recycling, reducing air pollution, making renewable energy and collaborating with businesses that share the same values.

Here we have an amazing assortment of very notable companies that are using their profits to make the world a greener place to live.

Regal Springs

Regal Springs has always struck the good-natured chords of mankind by being conscious of the fact that treating the people that work for them and the environment which makes the work possible, with respect and kindness will take them a long way. They have a “Fish for Trees” project which aims to teach local residents how they can find a solid, consistent living through aquaculture instead of deforesting environmentally sensitive areas. They’ve funded and installed infrastructure for reforestation and watershed projects so that the devastating effects of deforestation don’t harm the communities.


Founded in 1997 in Seattle, Starbucks has always been very confident about how they show that they’re a dutiful socially responsible corporation. Not only have they worked with communities of all kids and promoted ethical sourcing initiatives, but they’ve also done a lot of environmental work. If you got to Starbucks with a reusable cup for their drink, you could get 10¢ off.


After being engaged in debates all over the world for years about what mode of transportation is the most-environmental friendly, Nissan launched a green program to leave their footprint on the planet. Nissan takes environmental concerns seriously so it works towards reducing CO2 emissions, recycling wherever possible, all while actively producing hybrid cars for the road.

Johnson & Johnson

Every five years, Johnson & Johnson sets new long-term environmental goals. As of now, they’re actively working on methods to diminish CO2 emissions on their facilities, fleet trucks, avoid water pollution and cut waste disposal.

Healthy Living Market and Café

Healthy Living Market and Café is the healthiest grocery store in the Northeast and they make sure they provide their customers with the cleanest and healthiest of grocery. They’re heavily engaged in not only giving back to their community, but their environmental objectives and practices are remarkable. They have an active community outreach program that donates to tons of non-profits every year through environmental projects. Compost/recycling project with Casella Waste Systems. They also have a fully stocked Bulk Department which offers over 100 self-serve products so that packages are utilized less. Glycol (as opposed to Freon) refrigeration systems so that harmful gases don’t deplete our ozone layers further. It could humble any heart to just hear about how corporations care so much. On top of that, they ensure that the local whole animals they slaughter, their waste is not discarded or be misused. There’s a very serious zero waste butchery policy. Healthy Living Market and Café provides great incentives for their staff because how family-oriented their business model is. For the safekeeping of the environment, they give their staff work incentives if they carpool, bicycle or walk to work. Change your grocery store and switch to Healthy Living Market and Café so you’re always surrounded by great food, innovative dishes and that every penny you spend also ends up helping the world that you and your loved ones live in.

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