What Makes Good Relationships – Advice and Tips

Maintaining sound relationships is one of the most complex and yet also the most rewarding aspects of social life. Being able to connect with someone emotionally, physically, and even romantically helps us tap into the very essence of humanity. However, you need to understand: When building a romantic relationship, it takes a lot of active effort and patience from both parties for trust, compassion, and intimacy to be established. Whether some people like it or not, it is continuous work, just like washing your teeth or making your bed. Showing affection with love treats and products every now and then can help rekindle the fire, but resolving even deeper problems should always start with introspection and communication first.

Important tips that should help you build a strong and good relationship

There isn’t a single relationship that is perfect – there are no forevers. This is because all human beings are prone to making mistakes. However, a healthy relationship should have both parties feeling well or at least taken into consideration when things turn blue or sour. Its longevity depends on it.

And humor is vital! Consider it the backbone of your relationship through which everything is filtered and exchanged. There are no rules, only interactions and updates. The phrase “keeping in touch” weighs more context than we give it credit. Yes, aim for happiness and love but do not be afraid to approach and discuss each other’s negative feelings, too. There is no recipe for a healthy relationship, it’s all just work – so start with…

Talk Freely and Openly to your Partner About Sex

Unbeknownst to many, sex is one of the things that can either make or break a relationship. Talking to your partner, spouse, and even your friends about your fantasies, tastes, and intimacies are vital to ensuring a trustful open-hearted relationship. Sex is just an extension of that relationship where you delve deeper into this little thing called romance. And when it is time to be an animal under the sheets, turn those fantasies into reality. Whether it’s intercourse with sex toys and vibrators, enjoying porn together, engaging in threesomes, or kinky fun, everything goes when a relationship is consensual and communicative.

Love Yourself

This is one of the most important aspects that is usually neglected by some individuals in relationships. Before loving someone else, you need to love yourself first. Having expectations of another person to be your source of love can have grave effects on your self-esteem whenever those expectations aren’t met. Loving oneself influences confidence directly. This is the engine of life, something which kids are quite familiar with.

Have Open Communication

Talk to your partner about what and how you feel. Ask questions and also listen. Listen very carefully, don’t just wait your turn to give your response! It will not only build your relationship but also your personal character. The ability to communicate through various inevitable problems is the glue that keeps things together. Whenever heated arguments and lonely cries subside, you will have a story to tell from the heart. Try to understand your actions and your partner’s way of thinking, too. It is all about being involved and aware of each other’s mental processes. And once humor starts to paint a picture again – It is a sign you got over things.

  • Always be honest.
  • Forgive and never be afraid of asking for forgiveness.
  • Ensure that you take care and keep track of your sexual health.
  • Also, ensure that you support each other no matter the circumstances. Acceptance is more virtuous than judgment.


There are no recipes for pristine, perfect relationships, no precise guidelines to make it all instantly better. We all carry both the good and the bad in us and creation involves much more effort than destruction. The best thing anyone can do is make him- or herself good to love. You may not be able to directly change others, but you can change yourself. The rest is the craft of relationships. We are all socially dependent creatures, it’s just that some excel at it while some don’t. If you want to be better at relationships, start with helping yourself. Only then might you be able to help others do the same one step at a time.

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