What is RBS test? Why it is taken?

What is RBS test? Why it is taken?

RBS stands for Random Blood Sugar which is the kind of test performed to know the glucose level of the blood. Blood sugar test may be categorized into two, namely, random blood sugar and fasting blood sugar. The latter one is performed on an empty stomach. Well, there is another kind of test called postprandial blood test. In Post Prandial blood test, the test is performed after the meal. Among the three tests, RBS test is done by drawing a drop of blood from the person. The finger of the person is pricked and a drop of blood is drawn. This blood sample is sent to the laboratory for the preparation of a report. Glucose reading is done after the blood is wiped onto the test strip. The tool is a really powerful testing tool for the ones suffering from diabetes. If you don’t have diabetes, the range of glucose or sugar will be between 70 and 130mg/dl. ‘mg/dl’ stands for milligrams per deciliter. Hyperglycemia is the condition when the blood sugar level moves beyond 130 mg/dl even on a fasting state. Controlling diabetes is the best way to prevent this situation. Regular glucose monitoring can help a lot. Even if you show no symptoms of diabetes, you must undergo random blood glucose testing once a year.

What is the normal glucose level in the blood?

Whether you are diagnosed with diabetes or are pre-diabetic, you must collect as much information on diabetes as possible. Get to know what abnormal glucose level and the normal glucose level is. Knowing the normal blood sugar level and abnormal sugar level range can help to determine how high or high low the sugar level is. Glucose is the main source of energy in the body and anything too high or too low can be dangerous. If you consume food which is too high in carbs, it can cause an imbalance. The glucose level of the blood is regulated by insulin, the hormone. The hormone called insulin is secreted by the pancreas. As there are so many meters to measure the glucose level in the blood, you have to find the best one. At times simple glucose monitoring devices cannot tell the exact glucose level. You may need a special device which is doctor recommended. The use of the sophisticated device can give better and more accurate results.

Keep a tab over the blood glucose level

It is important to monitor the blood sugar level on a regular basis to keep a tab over the level. Watch the pattern of glucose reading to know if the sugar level is on the rise or it is reducing. Random blood glucose test can give you an exact picture of glucose pattern only when done on a regular basis. You may personally avail the device to monitor the sugar level. Your doctor may tell you the normal range of blood glucose. It is best to do the test at any moment of the day. The normal range of blood sugar falls within 200mg/dl. If the counting is above 140mg/dl but less than 200mg/dl, then you are pre-diabetic. Glucose test helps to detect the level of glucose in the blood.

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