Travelling in Style

When you’re travelling you have a lot to juggle. Whether it’s for business or you’re taking a holiday, you have to worry about tickets and transfers, make sure you’ve remembered your passport, and that everyone in your party is just as prepared as you are.

On top of that, the modish modern traveller will always want to travel in style, and arrive looking at their best. Today we’re presenting a short guide to making sure you’re ready for your next trip, and put even Cary Grant to shame!


Picking out the right luggage is a great place to start. You’re not a cheap and cheerful traveller any more, happy to throw a backpack into the overhead locker and leave it at that. Your luggage should be making a statement about you and your style, showing you’re at the cutting edge of stylish travellers. As well as improving your confidence and boosting your prestige among travellers, having some smart, stylish luggage could be a boon if you’re travelling for work and looking to make an impression with clients, or indeed angling for an all important upgrade in the airport.

You could choose a carefully matched modern luggage set and project the image of the up to minute traveller, or perhaps opt for a characterful vintage collection put together over the course of years. However you choose your luggage, make it’s complimenting your style: not just how dress but as a traveller. A sleek, wheeled case, optimised to fit in an overhead locker goes well with a efficient businessman, whereas an antique leather case, more beautiful than practical fits a leisurely traveller who’s content to sit at an airport bar and watch the world go by.


When you’re travelling in style you can’t afford to be put out accidents or emergencies: if you’re façade collapses when you’re faced with the unexpected, you’re not a truly stylish traveller.

To avoid being undone by lost luggage and delays, make sure you keep some essentials with you. As well as items too precious to entrust to airport baggage handlers, you should make sure your carry-on luggage is stocked with enough essentials of life to refresh you if you lose the rest of your luggage or are hit with a long, unexpected delay.

Vital items include a change of shirt (and more…intimate clothes), a toothbrush, and your travel shave set, along with some emergency currency and charging apparatus for all your devices. With these essentials in story you can restore your savoir-faire, and full functionality wherever you’re landed, and make sure you’re travelling in true style.

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