Top 8 User Experience (UX) Agencies in 2018

User Experience is one of the most essential factors in a website and mobile application that cannot be neglected at any cost. That’s why a user-centric approach is used to ensure that the website and app design is impressive and easy to navigate. The user experience (UX) is not just the design of a product appearance but it is how the information is presented in the mobile app and website.

In this article, we have curated a list of the top 8 UX (User Experience) agencies in the year 2018 from all across the globe:   


Appinventiv is a well-known global UX agency that considers UX/UI design as a crucial part of the product development process. Their highly experienced UI and UI app designers build products that are centered around the smooth user experience and great interfaces. After being in the industry for several years now, this user experience agency has integrated UX/UI design services in their app and website development process. Some of the reasons companies choose them are automated testing of designs, latest designing tools and certified UX/UI designers.



December Labs

In December of 2014, December Labs came into existence with a concept of banding together and leveraging a diverse skill-set for building cutting-edge mobile and Web products. As a 360 high-touch boutique Design & Development firm, December Labs has partnered with a number of large Enterprise companies. Some of these enterprises are Google, Accenture, Santander, Nest and a number of Silicon Valley’s top-funded startups. The main motive here is to fully invest in their clients’ projects and deliver UX solutions with expertise and dedication.



Creative Navy

The team of Creative Navy focuses on delivering high-quality user experience design. Even though they are based in the UK yet they manage to have an impressive client base from all around the world including main tech hubs like Singapore and New York. Over the years, the Creative Navy has supported their clients in reaching their true potential for human-computer interaction in both private and public sector engagements. This UX agency has been in the mobile and web designing game for almost a decade now and is still continuing to thrive with excellence.




Codal is a User Experience (UX) design and development firm with over 9 years of experience in designing that mainly focuses on combining an agile process with emerging technology. Their team of UX/UI app designers consists of highly skilled and experienced individuals that believe in the idea of empowering a brand’s visibility by delivering elegant mobile solutions to their clients.




Mobomo is an innovative mobile and web design and development agency that has an extensive amount of experience in building large-scale, functional, responsive and engaging designs. Their team of UX/UI designers builds products that abide by the 508, HIPAA and COPPA compliance regulations. Mobomo follows a process that helps their clients by uncovering the characteristics of their end-users in terms of their requirements and expectations.



OpenSource Technologies

The success mantra for OpenSource Technologies (OST) is being transparent, building futuristic solutions, and accepting challenges. The OST user experience (UX) agency has been in the field for eight years and has served hundreds of startups and enterprises with their mobile app and website design services. Their team of top-notch app designers and developers is known to provide solutions that are cost-effective as well as innovative.



Slide UX

Slide UX was initially started to support product teams and marketers who wanted to make sure that their sites and mobile applications were useful, usable, optimized and visually appealing. Earlier their main focus on UX design has always been iterative wireframing, rapid prototyping, and visual appearance. But now, they often work on aspects like generative user research, requirements definition, personal development, experience mapping, and information architecture. According to Slide UX, they value their clients’ trust and they want to earn it for the long-term rather than just for a single project.



The Gradient

The Gradient is a familiar name as a digital product design firm that delivers exceptional User Experience (UX) services to their clients from around the globe. Their team consists of highly-experienced product designers and engineers who are responsible for creating, launching, and growing websites, mobile applications, and other digital products. Some of the product design services that this UX agency’s team excels at are Experience Strategy, Rapid Prototyping, User Testing, and UX/UI Design.



This list will help you in finding the best UX experts that can transform your website’s or mobile app’s user experience that can help you in increasing your user traffic and eventually lead to higher overall revenue.

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