Things To Keep In Mind While Travelling To Delhi

If you are visiting Delhi from Mumbai, you might have heard many interesting stories about how this city got destroyed and created and re-destroyed and re-created many times. This fact is particularly evident if you take a close look at the landmarks of the city. Besides, there are a few things which you need to keep in mind while visiting the capital of the country. Mentioned below are the same:

  1. Best time to visit Delhi is during the months of February, March, October, and November. This is the time when the climate would be tolerable and not that hot or cold and you would be able to check out the heritage sites of the hustling-bustling city. Delhi has unbearable summers and winters, so in case you are traveling from Mumbai to Delhi flights schedule, try to have time in your hand. During rains, the traffic of the city comes to a standstill.
  2. For the most part, language spoken in Delhi includes Hindi, English, and Punjabi. So for a person traveling from Mumbai, learning a few Hindi words and phrases won’t hurt much.
  3. The crowd is the life of Delhi so you need to get used to this crowded city. People from various and diverse backgrounds visit and live in Delhi. Some of them are here for jobs while some are searching for jobs. Also, Delhi boasts of some of the premier educational institutes so students also come here to study.
  4. If you are in Delhi, how can you miss the bustling nightlife? Though the culture is of early nightlife where bars usually close down post 12:30 am. Besides, the roadside shops also close down around 10:00 pm so you need to make sure that you get your liquor well in advance. Include visits to HauzKhas Village, DLF Cyber Hub, and GK 1 M Block.
  5. Being the capital city of the country, Delhi and the people of Delhi know how to celebrate each and every festival. Holi and Diwali are two popular festivals, which are celebrated with mirth and joy and you would seriously fall in love with this place. Other festivals such as Christmas and Eid are also celebrated with equal fervor. If you are lucky, try to visit Delhi during national festivals such as Republic Day and Independence Day. You would love the way these events are celebrated. You will find a value of patriotism instill in your hearts.
  6. Delhi is a shoppers’ delight as it is a known fact. Another fact is that it also boasts some of the finest eating joints of the city. Everything starting from Mughlai curries to street food to continental to any cuisine known to people, you would find here in Delhi and surely your taste buds will thank you. It is a delight not only for people who love eating non-vegetarian delicacies but also for people who are vegans.
  7. Whenever you are in Delhi, make sure you drink bottled mineral water.
  8. Whenever shopping in Delhi, you can negotiate to your heart’s content. Always make sure that you negotiate, and you will get a good price.

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