The Benefits Of Electrotherapy In Healing

E–stim or Electrical muscle stimulation is popularly known as electrotherapy which utilizes an electric machine that transmits electric impulses to the body of a patient. The stimulation is carried out so that to assist and promote healing of muscle and regeneration of tissue. It is not only a well-accepted modality used in physical therapy but is brought into use by many other practitioners concerned with rehabilitation since it contains a lot of therapeutic benefits. However, for the safety reasons, it is always recommended to be used by an expert or under the guidance of an expert of the physiotherapy. One can also find a huge variety in the machine as well.

Various forms electrotherapy involve

Electrotherapy machines or electro physiotherapy equipment make a well-liked modality that is utilized for the purpose of rehabilitation and physical therapy. Electrotherapy is found in a few forms which incorporate some of them are given here as ultrasound, tens or transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation, interferential therapy, muscle stimulation, and laser therapy. In ultrasound sound, waves are brought in use in order to enhance the speed of the process of healing. Tens and interferential therapy decrease pain by working on the nerves by which the sensation of the pain is minimized thus a tingling feeling is produced. Sometimes laser therapy is utilized to bring about the repair of damaged tissue and utilization of lasers guarantees that the treatment will be intense and precise.  

Effects and advantages of electrotherapy

The advantages of electrotherapy are of broad-ranging and incorporate a far sophisticated process of healing, enhanced muscle tone, and very efficacious circulatory system. The effects that are caused by electrotherapy can be counted as minimization in pain, enhancement in strength, improved movement range, enhanced strength and speed of contraction of muscles plus the rate of absorption is enhanced. All these benefits can be derived from electrotherapy equipment physiotherapy which produces tremendous effects.

Below are enumerated some of the advantages of electrotherapy for pain management.

Targeted pain relief

In contrast to other modes of pain management as medication, in this method, the whole of the body is not affected in order to mitigate pain. Tens instead target the actual cause of the pain and allow the entire body experience the pain-relieving feeling without any kind of side effects of drugs administered in pain. You can also undertake this electrotherapy at home without any hassle with the help of portable machines. You are needed to position the sticky pads or electrodes on the skin adjacent to cause of pain, switch the Tens on and get a good feeling of relief.

Ease pain

By using electrotherapy, it is possible to subside pain of any kind like strain and sprain. The therapy goes through the tissue devoid of invasion and assists ease the pain of sprains and strains. Tens too decrease the muscle tightening which is frequently taken as one among the many causes responsible for neck and back pain. Minimising the tightening of muscles may aid to stop migraines and back troubles which can become the cause of surgical intervention.

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