Roofing Design Trends That Will Continue To Be Present

When we were young, we used to hear what great things will come in the future, marvellous inventions of all sorts. Well, the future is now. We are more advanced than ever and human technology is only expanding by the day.

Unfortunately, we are either unaware or we simply do not care enough about the environment. How we build our houses may also affect the environment, and we can actually prosper by being eco-friendly. One of the ways to do that is by installing solar panels on your roof, or by having a “living” roof.

I am not joking, it is a real thing. You can find out more if you continue reading the article. We will talk about modern trends and practical uses of roofing designs.


Types of roofing design options in the present


Asphalt shingles are the classic, still popular roofing design, even though it does not last that long., from about 7 to 15 years max, of course depending on the weather conditions. They have the shortest lifespan.

Roofing tiles are a trend which is very successful lately and we see more and more of this type of design. Everything about them is screaming cost-effective, and they are basically in the middle. Their lifespan averages 20 to 25 years, their design is very modern and stylish and all-around sturdy. Due to that, they may require some structural support to hold them.

Slate roofs are the MVP of roofs in 2018. Do you wonder why? Well, it is quite simple. They are the most durable roofing option, which of course comes at a higher price, but taking everything into consideration, it seems well worth the price.




We simply cannot discuss roofs without mentioning gutters, as they are the key feature of every roof design. You absolutely need a well-designed gutter, if you do not want water leaking from your roof.

In 2018 we are seeing some harsh weather changes and it is most likely going to get worse because of the greenhouse effect, thus we will only see more and more precipitation in the form of rain and snow.  Do not worry; there are many companies out there in the roofing industry, which provide excellent quality roofing solutions, one of the most prominent being Interline Manufacturing.


Getting the most out of your roofing design


Since humans are intelligent beings, we are finding some really smart solutions for energy and money efficiency. One of the greatest hits in 2018, although it is not brand new, is, of course, solar panels. Metal roofs are not only eco-friendly and practical, but they are also especially great at collecting the very energy of the Sun, which is completely free, easy to collect, and overall a great new power source.

Solar energy is the way of the future, and nowadays it is not only popular in Japan. They might have started the trend with their solar-powered cars, but people all over the world are starting to realize the value of using solar energy. Solar panels are a little bit pricey, but in the long term, they definitely pay off.

Roofs can not only provide solar energy, but they can also give you fresh rainwater as well. If you have a garden and need to water the plants, collecting water from the rain is not a bad solution so you can water your plants again, instead of having to wait for another rain or spend water from your well.

It is crucial that we become cost-effective in anything we do because the resources we have are limited. Maybe we are covered for our lifetime, but what if our children or grandchildren have to fight wars for water one day? Humans can be completely reckless and unaware of the damage they are causing to the planet and at the same time, to themselves.

Finally, let us discuss the biggest hit in 2018 roofing design, the so-called living or green roof. If you have a flat roof, which many of the buildings nowadays have, you can use it to your advantage. You can have a roofing company install a big waterproof rubber layer on the roof, a root barrier, and a drainage system. Then you add the soil and plants, and voila, you have a garden on top of your house or apartment building.

Final words

We have come to the conclusion of this interesting topic. Hopefully, we helped you get more insight into modern roofing design and at the same time raised your awareness about the eco-friendly variants it can bring to the table.

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