Know From Bharti Jogia Sattar About Bank Risk Management And Its Bright Future

When the entire population keeps their trust with the banks, it is essential for them to give enough confidence to all those who keep their entire life’s savings with them. However, the banks have indeed started working on their risk management schemes, and the pace isn’t anywhere slow. Over the decades, the risk management in the banking sector has changed a lot, and the regulations have kept changing in the wake of the global financial crisis. But many more new trends are coming up, and Bharti Jogia Sattar believes that these trends will bring in a sweeping change in the coming decades.

Considering the current employment and task deployment status, of all the officials working in the bank, more than 50 percent of the staffs are dedicated to risk related operational processes. However, going by the current trends, people can have no idea of how the risk management service will look like in 2025 and since macroeconomics is taking some abrupt turns the forthcoming disruptions cannot be determined as well.

Trends That Are Shaping Up in Risk Management Field- Bharti Jogia Sattar Takes His Stance
  • More Regulations Will Continue to Broaden Up And Also Deepen

As the magnitude and the speed of the regulatory changes are unlikely to be uniform across all the countries, it is quite obvious that the future is going to have many more regulations, in both financial and non-financial perspectives. Even though there are banking sectors which operates in the emerging economies, they will not be spared from these upcoming regulations which are going to be strict. Not just the public who keep their money, even the Governments are exercising regulatory pressure in as many forms as they can. So the entire banking corporation is taking a completely different stance on it adhering to all the US regulations mandated by the Government.

  • Customer Expectations Are Surging High With Technological Advancement

The entire banking sector has been brought in front of a completely new set of challenges as the technological, financial corporations are growing up. They do not want to look like banks, but they do not want to take over the customer relationship as well. However, they do want to enjoy the lucrative benefits of organization and sales. This has somehow allowed them to make some profit as well. These financial technology companies have allowed the banks to make 60 percent of their profits as well with an attractive 22 percent return on equity as well.

The way these online applications are being devised by these fin-tech corporations has reduced the number of customers that used to visit a bank daily. The business model that these corporations have adhered to is one piece single business model, and it allows them to extend the service daily. So if the banks need to keep up with the customers, they have to up their game as well. Bharti Jogia Sattar believes that the more seamless the experience provided to them, the more they get attracted in the years to come.

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