It’s Homecoming Season, Are You Ready to DIY Your Dress?

Fall is in the air, football is in season, and most importantly of all, the Homecoming dance is up and coming. You’ve dreamed about this moment for years, and it’s finally about to happen. There’s just one problem though – as much as you want to stun in your homecoming dress, you’re balling on a budget and need to create a dress that fits your fab standards, but also your pocketbook.

Have no fear, DIY strategies are here! When all else fails, why not do-it-yourself, right?

JJ’s House Designer Jessica has partnered with us to give you the best do-it-yourself tips for crafting the perfect homecoming dress for you! Or you can choose from them.  Want some more inspiration? Browse the homecoming dress section of JJ’s House to gain some insight, find your inspo, and maybe even purchase the dress of your dreams!

Find a Patter Online and Get to Sewing

Whether you’re a sewing goddess or you’re new to the game, know this – you can totally DIY your own homecoming dress. With the availability of millions of patterns available online, you can find something for free (or cheap) and get to work on crafting something totally unique to you. With some determination, time, and effort, creating your own dress is a snap! Take the time to browse sewing patterns online, get practicing, and voila, you can have the dress of your dreams for much cheaper than purchasing it in a store!

Buy an Affordable Dress and Add Some Pizzazz

If you want to wow in a homecoming dress but don’t want to pay that high price to get it, consider buying a modest, plain, and affordable dress from the store and then adding on your own alterations. Have a lengthy gown that you want to cut into a quirky, above-the-knee party dress? Grab the scissors. Want to add straps to a strapless dress? Get your sewing kit out. Want to spark your style into a bland dress? We don’t judge when it comes to bedazzling. Remember, you don’t’ have to pay a huge price to get the dress of your dreams, all it takes is a little creativity, some craftiness, and hard work!

Thrift and Reconstruct

Try hitting up your local thrift store to find a dress, or better yet, just find materials from several different outfits you like, pay a small price, and construct your dress out of your treasure-chest finds! Thrift stores are great places to locate beautiful finds that you don’t have to feel bad about ripping apart and making your own.

Wanna Be Quirky? Go for It!

The fun part about fashion is that it’s entirely about what you want to do, how you want to express yourself, and how creative you want to be. If you want to be quirky and create a dress out of totally unorthodox materials (we’re talking duct tape, homework, anything you can think of!), more power to you! Get creative and make it all your own – after all, it’s your homecoming, your day, and your form of expression, if you want to get wild and crafty, then do it!

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