How to plan a superhero Halloween party for kids!

Halloween 2018 is around the corner, and everyone is excited about costume parties regardless of their age. Now is also the best time to start planning if you want throw a Halloween party for kids. One of the most popular themes is superheroes, and it is easier than you think to plan a Halloween party around that. Many websites have a variety of superhero accessories you can order online! We have compiled a list of ideas for you to plan a superhero themed Halloween party for kids!

  • The Invites

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Start with superhero themed invitations. Select a background from a comic book page. If you are focusing on one superhero in your party, it’s a good idea to take a picture of your children in costumes and print them out on card paper for invitations. One idea is to include a goody bag or costume piece for the kids you will be inviting with the invitation. If your theme is Wonder woman, which you can find on The League of Geeks, you can send Wonder woman crowns with the invitations.

  • The Décor

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Buy a backdrop for your dinner table or make one out of chart paper to go with your party theme. You can create a Gotham city backdrop with chart paper as well. For the rest of the décor, consider getting superhero balloons and action figures to scatter around the place. You can also get balloons in color themes, for example black and yellow for Batman or blue, yellow and red for Superman. You can get plastic party props for cheap online if you want to use them to decorate. Another good idea is to design banners and put them up around the place. Print out superhero comic dialogues on banners and put them up on walls or around the dining table.

  • The Costumes

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Making costumes can be a time-consuming and a tiresome activity. Consider buying superhero clothing items for your Halloween party. You can order some great and affordable Batman tee shirts on for your superhero themed party! You can also make jewelry bracelets and crowns to go with your theme and hand them out to kids as they arrive at the party. Set up a face painting station to paint masks and superhero logos on children. Alternatively, you can also set up stations for kids to design their own capes, crowns, or masks. Get chart papers, art supplies, superhero stickers and set them up on the stations. Have an adult supervise as the kids have fun designing their own things!


  • Food

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Get customized paper cups and plates made out of comic book pages for your party. Also get ice cube trays based on different superhero themes to give your drinks an interesting twist. You can serve green drinks like cold pea soup or spinach smoothies if the theme is Hulk, or you can serve the green drinks in purple glasses for a Joker theme. You can also have customized cupcakes made for different superhero themes. If your budget doesn’t allow that, bake a few batches yourself and top them up with colored icing in the themes you have picked. Moreover, you can get plastic props for your cupcakes, or get cupcake liners in different colors and themes.

Halloween parties are a great chance to get together and have fun for both kids and grownups. They are even better with themes! Next time you plan a superhero themed Halloween party, you’ll definitely be the talk in town based on these tips!

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