Here Are 6 Ideas That Will Help You Love Your Home All Over Again

Homeownership is a fulfillment of the ultimate American dream, white picket fences and all! But with time, the house can become haunted by budget buys, wear and tear and general lack of design and décor. Living in the same place, day in and day out can take its toll on the best of us.

Sometimes the shine just wears off, and there is no bringing it back. The little quirks that used to excite you now annoy you. But, once in a while, everyone experiences such feelings. It’s perfectly reasonable to lose that spark, and it can be brought back!

Here are 6 ways to do that, and a lot more with your home:

1.     Let go of the clutter

Get up right now and choose ten things that should be out of the house. Donate them or throw them away, just make sure that get rid of them by the morning. Make it a purpose to do one room a week at least. Just grab a bag, and go on a hunt for things you don’t use, you don’t love, or have left them randomly lying around broken for weeks. No, you will not get around to fixing them.

Declutter your home, and you will feel your mind and soul automatically decluttering the heaviness and negativity as well. Your home will feel lighter and so will you. So, let it go!

2.     Invite fresh scents to your home

Candles, diffusers, wax melts, and good old air sprays can liven up the dullest of spaces. Our sense of smell can contribute significantly to our quality of life. It can enhance our mood, and even dictate how long we would want to stay in a room, or also if we’re going to see someone again.

However, make sure that the perfume you choose for your spaces isn’t overpowering; it should feel more like an after effect of entering your home. It feels nice; trust us on this. Air your house once a day, take the trash out every day or twice a day if necessary and make sure your home feels fresh and smells fresh.

3.   New drapes, pillows & rugs

You don’t have to invest in uber expensive, designer pillow covers, throws, curtains, and carpets. If you are a good shopper, you can get great deals online and in store as well. And if you can take out that sewing machine for a DIY project, then even better.

You can be as bold as you desire with the colors and patterns because these options will be replaced a couple of months down the line anyways. Or, you can just keep them inside the closet if they don’t seem appropriate for any occasion.

4. Light up your space

A new accent lamp can immediately brighten up the corner. A new chandelier hanging over the dining table will light up any space. The right lighting can seriously upgrade your home. Lamps are quite affordable, and you can design your shades too with matching fabrics to make your home more exciting. Replace the old light fixtures in bathrooms and kitchen. Add some under-cabinet lighting if you’re feeling particularly edgy. Thy sky’s the limit to what can be done with the lightning at your home.

5. Make an investment

What do you love? Art? Wine? Video games? Movies and entertainment?

Build a comfy, cozy corner in your house where you can feel right at home. Invest in some pieces of art, or a home theater and sound system that fulfills your dreams. Add a comfortable seat to the area, pour your favorite drink or get some snacks out. Do whatever you need to transform one spot of your house into a sanctuary where you can let your mind drift and seek out your inner thoughts… or watch a movie!

6. Get a new front door

Yes, replacing the entire door can be detrimental for your wallet. A more affordable alternative is to repaint or stain your home’s existing main door. Do a bold color, you’ll love it, and your home will seem brighter too. Of course, a fun front door will also appeal to future buyers and visitors alike.

Last Word

Moving into a new house is like starting a brand-new relationship. Every space needs occasional pampering and plenty of care, otherwise it wilts and withers. So, go shopping for your home, clean and rearrange furniture and fittings, and just sit down in your favorite space once in a while to imagine all the happy times you’ve had here, and all the memories you’ll continue to build in the future.


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