Fierce on Ears: 5 Styles of Fashion Earrings Every Lady Should Have

Let’s admit it; women love jewelry, and probably nothing can be a better accessory that can complete your look than an elegant pair of earrings. However, with a broad variety of styles in the market, shopping for those might turn out to be a challenging task. Despite being classy, a pair that doesn’t match your attire or style might ruin your fashion day.

Hence, choosing a good pair of earring design is essential. To educate you regarding this matter, take a look at the different earring styles so you can decide which one would with your precious ears.

Hoop Earrings

While under-the-ear lobe designs remain the most popular, more complex styles are showing up every single day. Earrings in the form of circles are becoming famous since the pl

acement the front-facing hoops makes people look twice or more to try to find out how these ear jackets are being worn.

The hoops are usually hollow that will keep them in lightweight when on your ears. The best thing about having a pair of this earring is that it won’t let you down since it fits with any outfit and elevates your image.

Pearl Earrings

To have a distinct style, but keeping your elegance and class, then you can choose to accessorize your look with pearl-accented earrings. More so, pearls are often associated with that classy and timeless style, which can never go out of fashion.

Further, keeping your appearance up-to-date by emphasizing the small details such as your ears means that you understand how to style and wear your outfits. What’s more, you can always mix your trendy accessory with a pearl ear jacket.

Chains and Hangers Style

Chains and hanging beauties are an excellent way to add movement and drama to studs. The strings are also lightweight for a comfortable feel when wearing, while the hanging part can even fall to your shoulders for fine evening jewelry.

Also, there is something surprisingly vintage look on them. If you want a modern earring with a chain, consider that one with a short chain or where the accessory is attached on both front and back of the jewelry.

Stud Earrings

Admittedly, this is the most versatile and timeless piece of jewelry you can have. Classy yet simple, studs fit well on any face structure. They let you add a touch of brilliance to your outfit without being excessive. Indeed, it’s perfect for everyday wear.

From classic earrings to small studs in odd shapes, you can select from a variety of options. Hence, a stylish way to wear studs is by going for double-sided sets. They highlight a back that is notable and, in some cases projects below the earlobe to offer a fancy look.

Lobe Ear Jackets

Lobe earrings or cuff earrings are famous because of it’s cutting edge. These pieces are common and being rehearsed mostly among the youths and the college students. 

In addition to that, you don’t need to have a boho style or a gothic look to wear this kind of trend, even when matched with simple clothes will still look remarkably smart. Since these are occasionally worn, remember to mix and match them for a stylish look. More so, choose those with smaller studs for a perfect expression.

To Sum Up

Every well-done piercing for women indeed requires an elegant piece of accessory. From hoops to lobe earrings, the choices of ideal ear jewelry is remarkably vast. Thus, those styles of earrings listed above should help you when you plan to shop for one. After all, you should choose the ideal pair to represent your flair, style, and personality.

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