Fame And Glamour: How To Start A Career In The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry is often seen as one of the most glamorous career choices out there. With celebrity designers, famous people lining the front row at fashion shows, and lots of glittering ceremonies and events, there’s a lot to love. But how can you even get started in this industry? Follow these tips to get there.

Educate yourself

The first thing you need is a basic knowledge of fashion, from the top to the bottom. If you don’t know the difference between Nicholas Ghesquiere and Gucci, or Balenciaga and Balmain, you need to study up. Not only that, but you should also learn as much as possible about the different careers within the fashion industry.

Do you want to be a designer, or someone working within the management system of a fashion house? Are you all about marketing, or more into working with your hands on the construction of garments? Would you like to run your own boutique stocking other brands, or is it more your style to become a model and spokesperson? How about becoming a fashion photographer, or stylist?

Learn as much as you can about these career paths, including the qualifications you may need and the salary you can expect. Look to higher education and obtain certifications like fashion merchandising degrees and other degrees relevant to the industry.

Look the Part

Next up, it’s time to get yourself looking the part. When you go to interviews or networking events, you need to look like you belong in this crazy fashion world. Learn as much as you can about current street style trends, what everyone is wearing to events, and what style or cut of suit is in right now.

For women, your make-up is also as much to do with fashion as your clothes, as there are beauty trends that come and go each season. Then you need to think about hair and accessories too. Don’t get left behind because you don’t look like you know anything about fashion – the quirkier or more on-trend you are, the better.

Look for Work

If you don’t need qualifications for your particular chosen route, you can get started right away. If you do need them, then it’s best to start studying first – but you should start looking for work as soon as possible either way, as you are likely to need to undertake an internship first.

Internships give you valuable training and experience, but you won’t get paid much for them if at all. This makes them perfect for running alongside your studies. You can look on job boards for open opportunities, and you may find that your internship translates into a paid position once you finish. If not, you can get back to the boards and look for something that will help you to make a living!

Be Prepared

Now that you have your foot on the first rung of the ladder, be prepared for what it is going to take to climb it. You will need to work long hours at random days and times, including evenings and weekends. You will most likely be overworked and underpaid, at least until you get to the very top echelons of the industry – and you will be expected to look your best at all times, too.

Once you accept this, you’ve got a much better chance of making it in the fashion industry!

It’s not easy to get into one of the most coveted industries, but once you get there, hard work will make it happen. When the going gets tough, just remind yourself of how many other people would just love to be in your position!

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