Different Footwear For Different Purpose

Shoes are often seemingly simple items but there is more than meets the eye with different footwear varieties. Whether you are a casual shoe lover or a religious self-made expert, these essential pointers are sure to add some useful information to your shoe lingo.

1) Pumps

Photo by: Pixabay

Pumps are traditionally the neutral varieties of the footwear world and an excellent design can make for perfect party regalia. The standard architecture incorporates an open top with front and side or foot from back covers. Fiber, thick cloth and leather are the often used materials for heel pumps with a two-to-three-inch base. They go well with almost anything they’re paired with and are still able to give off that lovely feminine theme no matter the clothing ensemble. To cover party and casual purposes, be sure to get leather pumps- or a standard black suede type- and another nude variety for back up.

2) Stilettos

These shoes are basically heels with a really high base that can reach up to 8 inches off the ground. They earn their name from their narrow and long shape that closely resembles the outlook of a stiletto knife. If you are not blessed with great height, stilettos can offer the perfect fashion solution. Walking can be a problem so you need to log in some practice hours and also remember not to wear them for extended periods as they can strain the ankles and legs. All in all, stilettos still make excellent party statements.

3) Ankle strap heels

Unlike the stiletto, ankle straps have added reinforcement around the ankles making them perfect for long usage. You can wear them on the daily to school, work or basically any other glamorous event. Ankle strap heels strike a nice balance between style and comfort and they are also available in flat-soled varieties if you prefer.

4) Sandals

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A lady’s wardrobe would simply be incomplete without a pair of sandals and some popular designs of trending sandals you should go for include Birkenstock, gladiators and flip-flops with the latter making for nice informal footwear for relaxing at home or at a beach somewhere. Conversely, gladiators more suited to formal occasions.

5) Ballerinas

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If you are tired of the burden of heels, then ballerinas offer a sleek avenue of fashion release. Go for a gorgeous design that is not only feminine but also very versatile as well. Anything goes with regards to designs, colors, materials and styles so do not be afraid to mix and match as you please. Incorporating flat and low heels, ballerinas are great for travelling, working, shopping and just hanging out.

6) Sneakers

Photo by InfashionShop

Sneakers are mostly the shoes for the dirty work that the other varieties aren’t suited to. They are great for an intense work out at the gym or a rigorous run around in the park thanks to the rubber, leather or canvas material that protects against injury while providing the necessary support to your arches. They are also perfect for hiking and other scenarios that require you to be on your feet for a considerable amount of time.

These are just but a few of the broad category of footwear that also encompasses rain boots, espadrilles, wedges, oxfords and dancing shoes among others. Getting the right shoe variety (or varieties) isn’t hard as all you need to do is just find that which best suits your needs while also affording you that style you love.

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