Bold Print Dresses Perfect For Special Occasions

One of the easiest, most classic and most remarkable ways to dress for any occasions is also one of the most overlooked. We’re talking about wearing a bold print. We’ll often go to less flattering extremes to make an impression, wearing edgy cuts and designs that may stand out, but don’t do our figures any favours. However, a beautiful bold printed dress can be memorable for all the right reasons.

Of course, there is a thin line between bold and loud; between tasteful and tacky  — but this doesn’t mean you should steer clear of prints altogether. It’s just a matter of wrapping your head around picking out the perfect print your special occasion.

Here’s what to look for:

Bold but Simple

If you are wary of stepping into a printed dress, opt for a design that’s simple in design. This isn’t to say it’s boring, but because there’s so much going on with the print, it’s a solid idea not to overwhelm yourself with an overly embellished style. Think clean lines and classic cuts: nothing with too many bows or ruffles.

Neutral Background

Another easy way to rock the printed dress is to select an option with a neutral or more subdued background. This allows the print to do the talking, while not overwhelming onlookers (or yourself) with too much colour. Brighter coloured backgrounds aren’t out of the question, but for your first foray into bold print, it’s a good idea to go slow.

Cut it Out

Another way to embrace print is to try out a dress with a patterned lace overlay. This is another take on print — a just as stunning, but more delicate take. It also allows you to make that bold statement, while still taking comfort in more basic colours like black, whites and nudes.

You’re stepping out of the grey and into the print, and in a world awash with the same-old, same-old style, that’s a bold move on it’s own. Now use these tips to help you really rock your printed dress at your next special occasion.

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