Best Mobile Application UI Designs In 2018

With the change in technology and trends, Mobile phone UI (User Interface) keeps on changing. Only after taking a thoughtful note of market drift, any change is made in the UI structure. Moreover, the changes are made to keep pace with the demands of the industry’s millions of users. Every update made in the UI is not guaranteed to stay for long, some even vanish into thin air. I have combined a lot of upcoming mobile application UI designs that will probably show up this year.

Colour and Font Contrast

Vibrant colours could likewise enable developers to work out a superb UI configuration to pull in user attention. The better colour it would be, the more curiosity it will produce. The only condition is the right blend of colours. And in fonts, variations do the trick. For instance, including text fonts in various styles, sorts, and sizes can convey a feeling of right balance. Moreover, adding new colour shades and styles to font will draw sharp differences and make whole outlines more brilliant and eye-getting.

Animations and Interactions

Animations are always brilliant to draw the attention of the user. With the addition of animations in the UI design, the user experience can turn out to be more fun and will leave a positive impact. Apple has already tossed up its own customized Emojis that are set to take on Android’s emoji, which are no in no contention to stand in front of Animoji (Till now).

The micro-interactions were unveiled recently and promise to offer an enticing personalization. At least, it is going to stay for one more year. After that, its unification in the UI design will divulge its true existence. Micro-interactions lets the user communicate with apps easily and feedback is also delivered instantly. These trends will surely get mentioned in all the upcoming mobile UI designs.

Voice-activated Interfaces

Assistants like Siri, Cortana, Bixby, and Google assistant are the new digital buddies. They talk to you, smartly interprets you, and even make suggestions. Sadly, the applications of these digital assistants are limited. But with improvement in the automation, limits will be lifted soon. Voice-activated interfaces make the user experience effortless. One can enable an app, just by conveying commands through the voice. In 2017, the inclination of mobile apps with voice automated services was preferred over other apps.

Video-based UI

At present, videos are swiftly making their way in the designing of UI. According to a Hubspot report, 78 percent people engage in online videos per week and more surprisingly, 55 percent people see online videos every day. This clearly shows the dominance of videos over any other format. Videos are an interesting and exciting way to keep the user active. And this year also, videos based UI will play a crucial role in the fabrication of mobile UI.

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