A Tasteful Celebration

Perhaps you’re celebrating a wedding anniversary. Maybe you’re gathering friends to tell them you’re getting married. Perhaps you’ve signed a big contract and want to mark the occasion. The reasons for wanting a celebration are endless, and if it’s a big life milestone or a business event, you’re going to want to push the boat out and have a luxurious, tasteful celebration to make the day really special, rather than just another identikit night in a pub.

Today we’re here to inspire with some suggestions for tasteful celebrations to mark a big milestone in a way you won’t forget.

Booking a Dining Room

For a really special occasion, you want to do something slightly more special than simply going out to a restaurant. Dining out is a (relatively) familiar occurrence for most people. For a classy, tasteful celebration, you’ll want to book a private dining room for you and your nearest and dearest. When you look for a private dining venue London will reveal plenty of options, at surprisingly accessible prices!

Dining in private no competing with fellow diners for attention from waiters: you’ll be discreetly taken care of from your first course to the last. It also means not being drowned out by other conversations: your celebration will be centre stage as it deserves to be.

Afternoon Tea

If you want invite people for dinner but strike a slightly classier tone than just another meal out, afternoon tea is a great option – especially if want to impress overseas relations or clients. It’s a quintessentially British experience, and very tasteful and mature. Many of the great London hotels offer an afternoon tea (with optional champagne!), but you may want to look slightly further afield for a more memorable experience.

Kew Gardens offers an afternoon at their restaurant The Botanical: it makes things really special as look out over the immaculately landscaped gardens, and enjoy tea with some ingredients grown right there in Kew! Even the honey served up is made by Kew’s own bees.

If you like the idea but don’t want to trek into the far reaches of South West London, then look a little closer to home. The Barbican holds one of London’s best kept secrets. If you can find the right stairwell, make your way to the third floor and you’ll find a huge conservatory and greenhouse! Built to disguise the fly tower serving the Barbican’s theatre, it’s now an attraction in it’s own right, housing tropical plants, fish, and a Sunday service of Afternoon Tea for when you really need to celebrate.

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