7 Apps That Are a Perfect Companion for Your Next Trip

Whether you are an avid traveler or you are preparing for a trip-of-a-lifetime, you may have plans to turn off your technology and unplug while you are away from home. Getting away from the constant interaction with your devices can help you relax and enjoy your trip more. Yet, there may be a few reasons why you should keep your smartphone turned on and close by.

There are numerous mobile apps that are designed specifically for travelers. You can download them to your smartphone ahead of time and use them to improve various aspects of your trip. Each of these apps may make your trip even more enjoyable and relaxing, especially if you’re travelling alone.



Tripit makes it easier to create and manage all aspects of your itinerary. It eliminates the need to track down all your emails confirming reservations, checking flight numbers on different websites and more. You also don’t have to worry about misplacing papers or deleting important files or messages.

With the free version, you simply forward your confirmation emails to the service provider before your departure date. An itinerary is created for you and is accessible through an app. If you opt for the paid version, which costs $49 per year, you can get help finding the best deals, receive real-time travel alerts and more through the app.



HotelTonight is a popular app that allows you to book a hotel room at a last-minute deal. The way it works is simple. Featured hotels send the app a list of available rooms that they are offering at a discounted rate. You browse through great deals on hotels close to your location and book the one you like.

This app could save you a great amount of money if you are willing to make lodging decisions on the fly. HotelTonight is not focused only on last-minute deals. You can book hotel rooms well in advance as well. The app works on iOS and Android devices, as well as in your browser.



If you plan to get around town using public transportation on your trip, Citymapper is an excellent resource to download to your smartphone. It works on Android, iOS and in your browser as well. The app is compatible with public transportation methods in several dozen major cities around the world.

With Citymapper you can check departure times and receive notifications when your lines are disrupted. The app will show you the fastest route by combining several means of transportation. You can easily follow detailed directions to get to your location.

This company even has its own buses that you can ride in selected cities. Once you come back from your trip, you can continue to use this app for transportation needs around your hometown.



When you visit a country that uses a foreign language, communication with locals can be tough. However, the iTranslate app makes communication much easier, and it works with more than 100 languages. The app translates verbal and written communication in seconds, and it can even speak a translated response for you.

iTranslate can also translate websites, conjugate verbs and even detect what language is being spoken. iTranslate is available for iOS and Android devices, and there are both paid and free versions.



When you travel, you often access hotspots in airports, hotels, cafés and other places. When you do so, you should be aware that connecting to public Wi-Fi is not safe. These networks are not encrypted which means that third parties can intercept any data you send or receive.

This doesn’t mean you should avoid connecting to public Wi-Fi. There is a safe alternative. You can set up a virtual private network (VPN) that can keep your data safe.

With TunnelBear you can set up a personal VPN that will encrypt your connection to the public network. The app even blocks your physical location and IP address. It works on Apple and iOS devices and you can get a paid or free subscription. You can even use this app on a regular basis when surfing the Internet around your hometown.



When you are traveling, it can be difficult to keep up with forecasts in many places on your itinerary. This is why a good weather app is a must for every traveler.

WeatherPro is a robust app that lets you easily search for forecasts in your current location and in places where you plan to travel to soon. You can get forecasts that include temperature, precipitation probability, air pressure and more. The app also includes extreme weather warnings.

This is a free app that works on most devices and there is also a pro version available. WeatherPro is available in several languages and doesn’t have any annoying ads.


SOS – Stay Safe!

Nobody wants to think about being involved in an emergency situation, but many travelers do run into issues from time to time. Such situations could be challenging, especially if you’re a solo traveler.

Luckily, with the help of an app such as SOS – Stay Safe!, you can worry less about your safety. This personal safety app can help you if you ever find yourself in a dangerous scenario.

By pressing your device’s power button three times, you can quickly and discretely notify your friends or family. Once they get the emergency message, they can see your location and even your battery level. They can, then, notify authorities to let them know about your situation and where they can find you.

You can also customize the app to contact the police directly. This is a great way to promote your safety while you are far from home.


Final Thoughts

Traveling can be a fun experience, and you want to fully immerse yourself in all the locations and events that you are exposed to. Turning off your smartphone and plugging in to the world around you seems like a great idea at first glance, but this may not actually be the case. There are many apps that can help you improve the experiences of your travels. Consider downloading some of these helpful apps and use your smartphone as an exceptional travel resource.


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