5 Ways to Maximise Dining Space

Small spaces are in. By choice or necessity, many people are faced with living in cramped quarters. Thankfully, interior decor is beginning to reflect this trend and furnishings and furniture are being made with small spaces and multi purposes in mind.


Great right? Of course! But this doesn’t necessarily make it easy to make these living spaces…well, livable. The dining room is a particularly challenging area. Most dining chairs and tables are big and most china cabinets are armoires follow in size.


If you’re stumped on how to maximise your dining space, read on. Here are 5 incredible tips.


1. Maximise Vertical Real Estate


The less you have on the floor, the more open your space will seem. Use shelves or mounted cabinets instead of free standing cabinets to showcase your good china.


2. Use Dining Stools and Benches


A beautiful dining chair is great, but they take up more room than they need to. Free up some space by using dining stools or benches. These can tuck right under your table and out of the way when they’re not in use.


3. Get a Table with Storage

A dining table with some storage will work wonders to free up a little space. Drawers can be used to store linens that would otherwise take up room in a china cabinet. You can also get dining benches with storage to store glassware, crystal and other dining implements.


4. Love the Leafs


You may not always need extra space, but buying a dining table with extendable leaves will help you get more space when you need it, without having to have them take up the extra room all the table.


5. Use This Dynamic Duo

If your dining space is super small, consider using a banquette and a round table. The banquette is composed of benches at right angles, tucked into the corner, and the round table can sit in front of that. This gives space for 3-4 people to eat. If you have more people over for a meal, break out some portable, folding chairs and presto! Dinner for 6!

Enjoy entertaining in your smaller space thanks to these solid tips. Bon appetit!

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