Your A-Z Guide To Planning The Perfect Trip

When you are planning a trip with the family, with friends or even traveling solo, the ingredients that make a perfect trip are just two. Time management and money management. And these two can be achieved in rather an easy way than most people think. One has to manage and plan certain things like travel, food, stay, sights to see and things to do in a cost-effective and timely way. This will save you a lot of time and money and will always give you a trip to remember. Here’s your A-Z guide to plan a perfect trip.

Pack For The Place You Are Going 

A big mistake that people do is that they want to travel but they also don’t want to leave the comfort of their household behind. So what they invariably do is pack the stuff they don’t even need on the trip. So if you are planning a trip to Ladakh, a good jacket is important to keep you warm but the fifty t-shirts that you are packing just because you can’t decide, are not. You should always pack light so that it is easier to carry your luggage around once you reach your destination and you don’t spend extra time, money and energy to move your luggage from one place to the other.

Check Your Transportation Options 

One of the most important aspects of any trip or vacation is deciding how you will travel there. This depends on a lot of factors, namely, how much time you have factored in for traveling and how much money you have set aside for the same. If you are traveling internationally, you have to take a flight without question. You can save some money on that by booking flights in advance and flying into some cheaper airports nearby and then traveling to your final destination. But if you are traveling locally, you should always look into cheaper options. Budget airlines inside a country provide a fantastic network to some great tourist destinations and can save you a lot of time. But if time is of no concern, you should check the availability of train for your destination. You can check IRCTC train schedule online and book your train ticket for a cheaper price than a flight to the same place. A train journey makes for a great travel story and memories as it gives you a glimpse into how the place you are traveling through really is. There are some very comfortable train coaches and berths available from Indian Railways and one should surely check them out.

Eat Local Food 

The big part of going anywhere apart from the sights and scenery is the food. And one should always be open to the idea of eating as much local food as they can. It serves dual purposes. Local food is generally cheaper than the food that is imported and it is usually fresh as locals also consume the same food in large quantities. Also, local food is bound to give you more insight into the culture and beauty of the region you are traveling to, providing you more insight and making you feel more connected to the place than anything else. So if you are traveling to Jaipur for example, don’t skip on some delicious daal baati choorma for your daily burgers and pizza.

Seeing local sights and meeting local people can also be a big help in making your trip perfect. People are generally nice towards tourists and go out of their way to help them. If you are traveling via train, don’t forget to check your IRCTC train schedule and book a hotel online before you reach the city. Keep your baggage light and enjoy your trip which you can make unforgettable just by doing these little things that take no extra effort.

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