The Importance Of Eggs In Our Diet

Since our ancestors lived in cave, eggs have become a part of their diet. They are little packages of goodness, providing us with enough protein, some fat and other nutrients. Eggs are used in many dishes and cuisines. In western countries, we may see eggs used in omelettes, cakes, soufflé, pancake, soups, ice cream, breakfast, meringue, sauces, sandwich, pastry, custard, dressings, desserts, salads and many others. On its own, we can fry, scramble, poach and boil eggs. We also use eggs to make mayonnaise if we mix it with some oil. When using eggs, we should make sure that they are perfectly fresh. When you buy them, make sure that the sell-by date isn’t the past. If the egg is near the expiration date, immerse it in water and if stand up, it means that there’s gas build-up inside and it’s already stale.

Eggs are edible when they lie flat under the water. To make soft-boiled egg is easy. Boil water in the pan and when the water already boils vigorously, put eggs into the pan. Let them inside the pan for one minute and switch off the stove. Let eggs stand inside the hot water for five minutes and then remove them for immediate consumption. When poaching eggs, the water should be at simmering point and the egg is very fresh. There should be about one inch of boiling water inside the pan and break one egg into the pan. It should take only 3 minutes for the eggs to be properly cooked. Use spatula or slotted spoon to remove the egg. Put the egg on paper towel to remove any excess water and put it on the plate.

Making tasty scrambled egg is easy. Crack a couple of eggs into bowl, add some salt and pepper for seasoning. Melt a knob of butte on a saucepan and put a bit of finely chopped garlic. Once the garlic is slightly caramelized and smells good, pour in the egg. Use a wooden spoon to stir the mixture and you should keep it from sticking to the saucepan surface. When the egg is properly cooked and still moist, turn off the fire and add some grated cheese. Mix the egg evenly and put it on the plate. You may also bake the egg and it’s an interesting technique to master. Use a bain marie to cook the eggs, which is essentially a roasting tin with some boiling water. The oven should reach 190 degrees Celsius. Butter the ramekins carefully and put an egg on each. Put the ramekins in the roasting tin and make sure that hot water come halfway up on the sides and let the egg bakes for approximately 20 minutes. In order to improve the taste, you may add spinach and cream cheese on the bottom of the ramekins. Sausages and other meat products could also be used when baking eggs. When you eat eggs at moderate quantity, they should be healthy and nutritious enough for you.

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