How Sugar Becomes A Poison In Our Body?

One thing that’s clear about refined sugar is that, it’s devoid of any nutritional value and its sole purpose is to make our drinks and dishes sweeter. Excessive sugar consumption may cause a variety of problems, such as weight gain, dental decay, leached vitamins and minerals from our body, reduced immune system, lower bone density, imbalanced body glucose, abnormal blood pressure, malnourishment, gassy stomach, hormonal imbalance and others. Diabetes has indirect correlation with sugar consumption. This disease could affect us when we are overweight due to excessive sugar consumption. Obviously, once diabetes affects us, sugar consumption will direct and negative effect, because blood sugar level will be much higher. There’s nothing wrong about sugar consumption, but we should take it easy and slow. It is important to know that sugar isn’t consisted of one component. Glucose is an important part of our blood characteristics, while sucrose isn’t. Sucrose only offers us empty calories and nothing else.

When glucose level in our body is low, we can become hypoglycaemic. Glucose is metabolized to sustain proper body heat and energy level, while sucrose doesn’t. It is important to understand what kind of sugar that we are consuming, so we won’t fall prey to improper marketing messages. Sugar can be as addicting as tobacco for some people. When they drink tea and coffee, they may want to make them sweeter. The problem can get worse when the food we consume contain both refined sugar and refined starches. Both are broken down in our body into alcohol, carbon dioxide, acetic acid and water, only the later is usable. It is a bad think to put unusable substance in our body that may cause any kind of untoward problem. Sure, sugar tastes good, but it is not exactly healthy, especially if we consume too much of it. There are some alternatives that we can consider, such as maple syrup, brown sugar, turbinado sugar and molasses, but excessive consumption of these sweeteners will still result in health issues.

It is important that we are able to identify bad types of sugar in our food. We need to remove it, because there are only bad things that we will get from them. Bad sugar includes corn syrup, sucrose, agave syrup, maltose, pure glucose, cane syrup, galactose, lactose, dextrose and invert sugar. These sweeteners are often added to many kinds of processed food products and our body will simply bombarded relentlessly by them. Soda, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter, jam, ketchup and many others often have bad sugar. Sugar burns easily inside our body and it will be transformed into pure energy, along with some waste products. However, it is better to get our energy from whole grain food that is consisted of complex carbohydrate and it burns slower. Complex carbohydrate will transform into sugar and eventually energy, but the whole process is obviously much slower. We will get immense health benefits from managing how our body gets its sugar. A few wrong steps may develop into a bad habit, which will turn into a serious physical condition.

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