Attract More Guests By Using These Scents

Hotel owners know that fragrance can do wonders for their business. It can enhance the mood of their guests and ensure that their business facility will be perceived with great quality. Scent can be very personal as it can evoke guests’ memories and emotions. This is because human’s olfactory system is connected to the areas of the brain responsible for processing memory and emotion. No wonder hoteliers are now using hotel air freshener to produce signature scents in their hotel’s common areas like the lobbies, corridors, and even guest rooms. The custom scent can even help them ensure that visitors will come back to renew their great experiences.

Creating scent can be a delicate process as the impression it will give to your guests can become permanent and can build loyalty to your branding. So when choosing hotel air freshener, you should select fragrances that your guests will love. As well all know there are certain scents that people hate. This makes selecting the right scents for your hotel a bit tricky. The best option is to choose scents that are not too strong and polarizing. Steer clear of those scents that you know has the possibility to turn off a portion of your guests.

For your convenience, here are the best scents that can do wonders for your hotel business:

Fresh Rain – Want to diffuse a fresh and earthy aroma that will make your hotel look and feel spotless? Fresh rain will do the trick for you. This aroma brings the message of a new start and promotes contemplation and leisure. It has a sweet and floral aroma with traces of citrus and cedar finish. Fresh rain is perfect for guest rooms and hotel lobbies.

Lemongrass – for a sweet, refreshing, and herbal hotel air freshener, choose a tangy lemongrass aroma. Its scent has a combination of jasmine, wood, and rose with notes of mandarin and bergamot. It is often used for evoking guests’ emotions and memories and is advisable to be diffused in guest rooms and other common areas in your hotel.

Ocean Scent – everyone loves the fresh and intoxicating fragrance of the ocean. That’s why ocean scent is a popular choice not only by hoteliers but also their guests. It has fragrances of marine life and natural brine, reminding guests of the oceans cool breezes on warm sunny day. This scent is ideal for resorts or hotels that are along beaches,as it will surely match the vibe of the surroundings. For hotels that are not located along beaches but still want to use this scent, it will be perfect for your hotel’s spa and Zen gardens.

White Tea and Thyme – This scent has a crisp and clean fragrance with strong herbal notes. The addition of thyme balances the potent scent of sage and rose petals. International hotels that mostly cater to Asian guests often choose this aroma. The woodsy quality of the scent helps in bringing a vital aspect of Asian culture. You can use this scent in hotel lobbies and spas.

Green Bamboo – Another aroma that is best for giving your hotel a fresh vibe is green bamboo. The sparkling and dewy notes of this aroma is perfect for hospitality businesses like hotels because clean denotes security. It is perfect for hotels’ spas and restaurants.

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