Upgrading Your Lifestyle On A Budget

Almost everybody imagines what life with a lot of money would be like from time to time. From the Los Angeles mansions you see on reality TV programs to the sleek New York penthouses you read about in magazines, the lifestyles of the rich and famous can seem very alluring. Sadly, most people can’t even begin to afford to live a lifestyle like that and resign themselves to just dreaming about it rather than creating it. But there’s some good news: by shopping around and thinking hard about where to look, you too can enjoy a stylish, luxury lifestyle even if you’re on a budget.

Buy Vintage

Buying vintage clothes and furniture has long since been seen as a surefire way to achieve a touch of luxury without having to be super rich. Vintage fairs and shops can be full of garbage at times, but they can also have some real hidden gems. It’s possible to get designer clothes, for example, at a fraction of the standard retail price. It’s a good idea to use the Internet to find out where to look: often, those in a similar situation to yours will have already done all of the research and uncovered the vintage hotspots in your city or state.

Become a DIY Whizz

A lot of the gorgeous homes and interiors you see in the media are actually easily replicated with a bit of hard DIY work. The light and airy natures of the villas of Beverly Hills, for example, can be created in your home by opting for whites and light grays on the walls, while tactical ornament choices – such as ornate candlesticks – can recreate traditional luxury living without actually requiring luxury spending. While this may not allow you to buy the expensive furniture enjoyed by the A-list celebrities in their homes, it means you can recreate that expensive look – which is the next best thing!

Shop Around for Holidays

Going on several luxury foreign holidays a year is something most people wish they could do. And while it may not be possible to stay in five-star hotels and resorts for weeks on end if you’re on a budget, it’s definitely possible to enjoy a touch of class without spending a fortune. Sites like Airbnb offer low-cost options, and the homes on there are usually very well-maintained by their owners in order to attract the most customers. With gorgeous entire homes available to rent at relatively cheap rates on sites like that, why not get a big group of similarly-minded luxury lovers together to drive down the cost and enjoy a holiday in a penthouse, villa or even a castle in a foreign clime?

Save then Splurge

Just because you can’t splurge every day doesn’t mean that you can’t do so from time to time. Eating out at fancy restaurants, for example, is still a fantastic thing to do when you can afford it, and it will make it even more special. Saving up a little each week for a monthly or even annual treat is a great idea, and it means you can stay in touch with your luxury living desires while also keeping to your budget. Getting a group of friends together to do this with you will also turn the occasion into something a little more fun, and the savings challenge can be something you can all do together. It’ll be a night you’ll remember for years to come! Sites like Magazine Mantra a good guide for lifestyle.

Play the Lottery

Even if you saved every spare cent you earned, it’s unlikely you’d become a billionaire any time soon. That’s where the lottery comes in: as one possible way to amass a lot of money to fund your luxury lifestyle, it’s certainly worth a go. And while nothing’s ever guaranteed, you have to be in it to win it – so why not have a flutter or two and see if the results of this week’s draw turn out to be the lottery results you need to win big?

It may well be the case that very few people ever achieve the wealth and riches needed to invest in top end luxury homes and possessions. But that doesn’t mean that some aspects of luxury living can’t be achieved, even at the lower end of a budget. From making judicious selections in the holiday department to being strategic about paint color choices, there are lots of ways to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams without having to break the bank.

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